21 July 2015

[TPC] - The Moore's Ford Bridge Lynchings: Update - 21 July 2015

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Some years back, on this website, I started up a page to address the killings that happened back in July of 1946 of four black people outside of Monroe, GA in an event that is widely believed to be the last major lynching in American history:

Over 65 years ago, two black couples, George and Mae Dorsey & Roger and Dorothy Malcolm, were ambushed, shot, and killed right near Moore's Ford bridge in Walton County right at the Oconee Co. line. It is believed to have been the last mass lynching in American history. To this day the case remains unsolved and no one has been charged with this horrendous crime. A couple of years ago, the FBI and GBI reopened the case with what they considered to be new evidence; however, that was over three years ago and nothing has happened. With each passing day, it seems more and more unlikely that this mystery will be solved and that Justice will be served.

Unbeknownst to me, some recent developments have occurred with this story earlier this year. It was first reported in The Guardian, back in February of 2015, that the FBI had interviewed Charlie Peppers, an elderly man of 88 years and also Walton Co. resident,  to ascertain if he had anything to do with the killings or knew any information that could help solve this horrid crime. Apparently, Peppers vehemently denied any involvement or knowledge of the situation. By all accounts, this interview by the FBI was a direct result of an accusation of the nephew of Mr. Peppers, Wayne Watson, who said, on video back in 2013, that his uncle was involved with this crime.

As of this time there does not appear to be any other news and neither the GBI, US Justice Dept, or the FBI is willing to comment on an ongoing investigation.

Here are some other write-ups of this recent information:

One has to wonder if anything will come of this. After all, this recent development with Mr. Peppers is at least 5 months old. Naturally, the gears of Justice are a slow moving thing; however, there has always been a culture and a conspiracy of "silence" with this event going all the way back to 1946. We'll see...