20 April 2016

Through the Looking Glass: Newton Co. Edition

The Chronicles
20 April '16


Recently, an elected municipal official on Facebook publicly said that someone should start selling T-shirts talking about surviving the 6 hour Newton Co. BOC meeting from last night. That was just for the citizens, apparently. Supposedly, the meeting went until 2AM for the members of the board - a 7 hour meeting!

How could this possibly happen? Two words. Keith Ellis. The worst Chairman of the Board ever in Newton County? Maybe. But that's another story for another time...

Click here to read about the abomination of a meeting that our governing body had last night.

The horror...

The lede from the Tommy Craig Newton Citizen was this - Levie Maddox is a racist.

Well...I've been checking on that. More on it later.

So...Archie Shepard. He passed out literature with this supposed email exchange. An exchange that at least two people have both said was doctored. Who's Archie? Is he part of the Minister's Union? Is he in with W. Thomas Craig, Esq.?

Who else is with WTC?

Per the word - multiple sources - Craig was sitting with and talking to several folks last night including the following:

- Michael Syphoe, candidate for BOC Chair
- Tim "Tee" Brown, candidate for BOC 3 Commissioner
- Ezell Brown, Sheriff of Newton Co.

Brown is an interesting situation. As I understand it, the Sheriff's Dept. is still utilizing Tommy Craig for their legal counsel, even as the Newton Co. BOC just last night made it official that they will be completely detached from Craig for legal services in any way starting May 1.


So, in re the email.

Just click on the Newton Citizen link again. Read it. Read it real good.

There is most assuredly something rotten in the county of Newton going on, folks. It stinks to high heaven, in this writer's estimation.

I'm working several leads and will be reporting back soon.