23 December 2017

Happy Festivus: TPC's Airing of Grievances

It's the 23rd of December so it's time for The Chronicles' Airing of Grievances. 

This year's list: 

  • William Thomas Craig, Esq. 
  • The total lack of action with anything pertaining to last year's $300,000 forensic audit performed by Frazier & Deeter. 
  • The traffic light at Elm & Floyd. 
  • This entire [expletive deleted]-show related to the Rec Commission situation. If the termination process was indeed possibly mishandled, then that is unfortunate; however, the mickey mouse show/planned attack that was put on at the city of Covington's last council meeting was beyond the pale. A total joke. Absolute clown shoes...
    • And didn't one of those self-righteous, indignant council members vote to terminate the Main Street director last year without consulting the rest of the council? 
    • It's just unfortunate that everything has to be about race. It's 2017 - racism should have no place in our society. And these recent antics benefit no one. 
  • J. Pye's propensity for arrogance and occasional tendencies to get annoyed + D.C. = Trouble? 
  • The rising legal fees of the Newton Co. Sheriff. Constitutional officer or not, there's needs to be an explanation for a tenfold increase in payments to Attorney Craig over the last two years. 
  • That Covington/Newton Co. still doesn't have a Krispy Kreme, Steak & Shake, or a Cracker Barrel (thanks Randy Vinson). 
  • The fact that we basically have 27 McDonald's & a hundred dollar stores. And we just need a few more pawn shops. 
  • The landfill situation. 
  • The fact that there are still people pushing for Bear Creek. 
  • Georgia Tech, Florida, Tennessee & Auburn (but hey, at least we beat all of them this year. GO DAWGS!)
  • Democrats (most of them).
  • Republicans (most of them). 
  • Those that would take advantage of their power, position or influence for personal gain. 
  • The fact that medicinal marijuana and CBD oil are not fully legal in our great state, and the lack of in-state growing. And the fact that saving lives & easing people's suffering has to take a back seat to profits and/or the irrational fear of ignorant people. 
  • Bloated budgets at all levels of government. 
  • Several other traffic lights in and around the home city & county. And many traffic laws. 
  • The old model/revenue-based system of government. 
  • The ju$tice system. 
  • The "war on drugs" (see previous two bullet points). 
  • Those in our society who do not appreciate Freedom. Liberty, Justice, Equity & Wisdom. 
  • Loud cars, trucks & motorcycles. 
  • The "there ought to be a law" crowd. 
  • The "they" in "that's what they say."  
  •  The NIMBY (not in my backyard) crowd. 
  • A.B. (see the previous bullet point in re Pye. At least he's not spending too much time in DC....yet?)
There's probably a few dozen more, but that'll do for now.

Happy Festivus, everyone!