02 March 2022

Guest Post by Lee Weber: Baseball is Important

Baseball is Important

It is particularly important to three types of Americans.
Older Americans.
Those with disabilities.
Kids have time.
And few responsibilities.
And imagination.
Gives them something to be excited about every day.
Older Americans.
They’re home.
For the last few years.
Gives them something to be excited about.
Those with disabilities.
They can’t always get out and about.
Or may not be able to see.
Gives them something to be excited about.
Baseball is a radio sport.
Always has been.
Always will be.
The crack of the bat.
The punch of the ball in the mitt.
The sound of the umpire’s call.
Am not a kid, an older American, or disabled.
Baseball is important to me.
Nothing like a game on the radio on a long drive.
Gives me something to be excited about.
“Baseball isn’t a pastime.”
“It’s a habit.”
“They play almost every day.”
George Will.
Baseball is important.
Now to be unpleasant.
The Commissioner has two jobs.
Make sure they play the games.
Protect the integrity of the game.
Rob Manfred has failed on both.
The All-Star game nonsense.
The lock-out.
This guy is bad at his job.
Fire him immediately.
Baseball is important.

image: wp.wmu.edu

Lee Weber Lee shares his time between the Great States of Georgia & South Carolina. A headhunter & politico by trade, he's been known to cook game birds on his cast iron stove. He has a true affinity for nature & loves dogs, sports, America & his family.