31 May 2023

TPC REAL Politick: #COV Edition, 5/31/23

 *updated as of 7:20pm, 5/31/23

owdy, folks. Hope all is well out there. 

So, May was a little light for us here at TPC. Our apologies. In the words of Ray Goff - We're gonna  work hard to get bettah! 

It's an odd year, so it's time for Covington municipal elections. Yaaayyy! 

So, #COV Real Politck.

East Ward, Post 2. We have a declared candidate - the one & only Travis Moore. I like Travis. He's a good fella & would be an ideal pick for this seat & has shown his bonafides by his performance & votes on the Planning Commission. He wants to work on controlling growth & getting our tax base back in balance & definitely limiting multi-family. The clear choice, naturally. 

Word on the street is that there's a certain younger lady who is apparently an investor w/ the Archer Aviation group (the folks that just clear-cut the beautiful land in between City Pond & Oxford; another story for another time) & is possibly looking at Post 2 or possibly Dirty Don Floyd's seat (hearing conflicting reports at to whether or not he's going to run again). Based on what I can tell, it seems this lady has moved around a lot & hasn't been in town for very long. Questions there, for sure. Will see if I can learn more moving forward. 

What about Mayor? Well, we know current west ward rep Kenneth Towns Morgan (corrected & updated) is running. Tim Walden has announced from the east ward. I know Tim & I like him a lot. He's a godly man & he sings & picks a pretty good guitar as well.

I'm 99.99% sure he cannot win a city wide election. 

The grapevine is saying that ole Chris Smith might throw his hat in the ring if everybody's first choice decides not to (Tommy, please run!). We shall see, though if it's Chris vs. Kenneth...well, let's cross that bridge if & when we get to it. 

**Wildcard: hearing that Eric Treets might run again, too. That'd really change up the dynamics if so**

Going back to the east ward, there's possibly a hairdresser that's thinking about running for one of the open seats. I'll try to get the 411 on that. 

Okay for now, gang. TTYS!