12 February 2015

So Many Towns and Cities in the Great State of Georgia: Hephzibah Edition

The Great state of Georgia, according to Wikipedia, can lay claim to some 500+ incorporated cities and towns. When you factor in unincorporated towns, villages, and communities; that number easily eclipses 1,000. So many cool towns, and a lot of great names. There's Omega, Experiment, Good Hope, Sparta, Cairo, Athens, Ideal, Kingston, and so many others.

One of my favs would have to be good ole Hephzibah, GA. Home of Georgia Bulldog Arthur Marshall. A great player for us back in the day, I understand he ran across some trouble a while back, but he's still a Dawg, even if he might not be in Damn Good Dog standing. But hey - everybody loves a comeback story.

A fairly small town of about 4,500 residents, it's pretty close to Augusta and Columbia, SC and has at least a few amenities as I understand. Regardless, it's still got an awesome name.