27 March 2016

[tpc] - A Gold Dome recap: it wasn't good

The Chronicles 
27 March '16


Well, as previously mentioned on tpc, never underestimate the ability of the state legislature of Georgia to go full-on moron. I had a bad feeling about this year, as did many others. Our fears were apparently well-founded. It was truly bad. On to the bullet points!

  • In this writer's estimation, the worst of a bad bunch was the fact that we couldn't even get SB145 on the Senate floor. This is the bill that would have added conditions such as PTSD, Autism, and a handful of other conditions to those who could legally (or technically illegally) get cannabis oil for treatment. Who was responsible for this? Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and Sen. Renee Unterman for starters. You can go ahead and add Gov. Nathan Deal to the list as well plus a good number of others who obviously don't like kids with Autism and hate our Veterans. I kid, maybe...No, the real thing was they've all sold their souls. That's all. Just follow the money, there's about to be hell to pay as I understand it. Hope these people are ready for the righteous lashing they're all about to get. Couldn't happen to a better bunch... 
  • The religious freedom bill, HB 757, went from a bill giving pastors and preachers the right to choose who they may or may not marry to complete carte blanche to discriminate not just in terms of sexual orientation, but also familial status. There will be financial implications for the state if Deal signs this into law. 
  • The brunch bill couldn't get out of committee. So, for the record, just know that you can't go buy a drink at a restaurant for brunch at 10:30 AM, or 11:30 or 12 noon for that matter. Just remember you sniveling subjects, the state controls whether or not you can have a Bloody Mary on a Sunday morning and they have said NO!!! In the words of Al Haig in 1981 - THE STATE OF GEORGIA... IS... IN CHARGE...HERE! 
  • There are more. Read the lovely Jessica Szilagyi's piece about it for the others. 
Well, at least they didn't completely destroy everything this time around. But just remember - they'll be back next January. And by they, I mean the locusts, whores, sociopaths, sell-outs, scoundrels, scalawags, et al. For the record, there are a few good ones. Not many. Just a few...