20 March 2016

[tpc] - Morning in Newton Co. - NCRP Edition

The Chronicles 
20 May '16 

~ Morning in Newton Co - NCRP Edition ~

Convention Chair Wesley Dowdy
readies his notes 
Greetings, readers. Hope it's all good out there.

In my last write-up about the Newton Co. Republican Party, I used the title of "Dawn of a New Day." If that was the dawn, then yesterday's county convention would put us into the morning of this new day and I'm here to tell you about it.

For starters, it was the best-attended county convention I'd ever been to. We saw 74 qualified delegates and 11 guests for a total of 85 attendees. And unlike former years, there was no tension or exclusionary tactics, it was all very warm and welcoming. There was a little bit of unhappiness on both ends of the party as former establishment members felt like they weren't give enough delegate and alternate slots, while some of the former outsiders felt like the party was being foolish for giving spots to those who "slit our throats the last several times around." In the spirit of full disclosure, I was asked and did indeed serve as Chair of the nominating committee for this convention. Old friend Aaron Brooks also served on that committee with a few other folks. As we discussed, to have both of the fringes unhappy led us to believe that things were handled in the right manner. It's never perfect in this process, but I truly felt it went well. On to the bullet points! 

  • Super job and well done to Wesley Dowdy who served as the Convention Chairman. Wesley could probably give the one and only Randy Evans a run for his money as quite possibly the best Convention Chair I've ever seen in action. A 100% mastery of Robert's Rules of Order combined with his humor, quick wit and strong, resonating voice makes him a pro at this. Ole "Smooth Operator" Evans has been saying for years that he's not sure how much longer he can continue to preside over multiple conventions like he has. The Georgia GOP may do well to get in touch with Mr. Dowdy if that ever comes to pass. Again, he's just great. 
  • Party Chairman Ray Cowan and the rest of the Executive Committee once again did just a fantastic job getting prepared for this convention as they had also done for the precinct meetings last month. Well done, folks. Very well done. 
  • A major emphasis for the Nominating Committee, and this was reinforced when the Assembled Body accepted all of our slates, was this - giving delegate slots to as many new folks as we could and giving fair and proportional representation to supporters of all candidates and the various modes of thought that makes up the big tent of the Grand Old Party. 
And that was the biggest takeaway for me - the warm, welcoming feel combined with things being done as above-board as possible and being totally inclusive. Basically the complete diametric opposite of the way things had been done the last several years. 

When it was all said and done, 19 delegates had been sent to the 4th Congressional District; 10 to the 10th, and 22 to the State Convention in Augusta in June. An equal number of Alternates were also sent. It will be at these conventions where the delegates will be selected to go to Cleveland, OH for the National Convention of the RNC. It's quite the process and this is ultimately who will be selecting the GOP's nomination for POTUS. It's very important stuff.

But yes, another great day for the NCRP. Just as it was last month for the PMM, it was an honor to be able to participate as a Qualified Elector/Delegate as well as cover it as a Citizen Journalist.

I'll be reporting on the 4th District convention in April, as well as the State Convention in June. It is my plan to be in Ohio to report on the National Convention, too.