31 July 2017

[TPC] - Monday Night Check-in: Talkin' Hospital Authority, Water Woes, more Covington BS & More

Thanks for joining us tonight, friends.

So regarding the ORR that the Newton Co. BOC sent to the the Newton Co. Hospital Authority several weeks back - a couple of weeks ago and the authority finally responded...somewhat.

Basically they did a document dump. Hundreds and hundreds of pages of information & data; most of it wasn't what the BOC had requested.

Per multiple sources, the authority seems to be trying to bide their time, possibly hoping against hope that this will all go away.

It won't...


Did you know that Jim Weadick and Troy Brooks have collectively been making about a million dollars a year?

Did you know that Billy Fortson has been paid well north of a hundred thousand dollars per annum from the hospital authority?


There has to be a full accounting and reconciliation of all monies as it relates to the Newton Co. Hospital Authority for, at least, the last decade or so. Anything else should be unacceptable.

Ditto for the Industrial Development Authority and also the Joint Development Authority of Newton, Morgan, Jasper & Walton.

In our estimation, these state-sanctioned authorities have been very responsible for some of the most real damage done to the taxpayers of Newton Co. for years and years. Well, those authorities and then also Wm Thomas Craig, Esq.; but then again - Mr. Craig was the legal counsel for many, many years, per our sources, for all three of those authorities.

Fortunately, it seems as if there is no chance of this story ever going gentle into that good night. Not by the Citizenry, nor, as we understand it, by the current elected officials of Newton Co. (or at least a few of them), and that, my friends, is a very beautiful thing.

Water Woes in the Home County?

Per a communique received by TPC:

NEWTON COUNTY'S REAL WATER PROBLEM is on BOC agenda for Tuesday August 1 meeting. $30 million plus in problems that have been ignored while previous BOC's chased an unneeded new reservoir. Be there to hear the Carter Sloope Engineering assessment of issues with our current water system.
This confirms what we've been hearing for years. While the powers-that-be were busy working their master plan for a major pay day by way of the Bear Creek Reservoir, our water infrastructure was knowingly crumbling to the ground.

How unfortunate...


C-town: has critical mass - not in a good way - been achieved?

Per multiple sources, a petition that was started by a business on the Covington Square to show support for the allowance of hospitality drinks and brown-bagging made its way into the hands of a certain person, who may or may not be a member of the Covington council, who then shared the contents of that petition - including the phone numbers of the people who signed it - with certain persons who then, allegedly, started calling people on this list to threaten them with withholding business and organizing boycotts of their respective businesses, apparently, based on religious reasoning.

Per two sources, the one lady who called at least one of these businesses said the following:

"I'm praying to God that you will go out of business."

I have checked this out to the utmost of my ability, readers, and I believe it to be true. I truly believe that this chain of events, as I've described it, did indeed happen in Covington, GA.

If this is the case, then the following is what I truly believe:

- the person ultimately responsible for ringing this bell needs to be run out of town on a rail; this person needs to be dealt with. Harshly, but, certainly, legally, but totally and absolutely, in a very, very strong way.

- the person, or persons, who allegedly made these calls needs to be likewise dealt with in a similar manner.

This is beyond the pale.

This is unacceptable.

It's a time for choosing, Covington.