06 August 2021

Libertarian Support Rising: An Affiliate of the Libertarian Party To Have Local Presence in Newton Co., GA for the First Time in Almost a Decade

 First-ever meeting of the Libertarian Party of Newton Co. to Occur Wednesday, October 11th in the upstairs section of The Social Goat in Downtown Covington at 6:30pm

A new county affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Georgia - the Libertarian Party of Newton Co. - will be holding their opening, basal meeting on the east side of the Covington Square here in a few days.

This, in & of itself, is a big deal as it will signify the first time that the home county has been a tripartisan one in over 8 yrs. 

Previously, as some readers may remember, the East Metro LP had a presence in Covington & Newton Co. from 2005 until, officially, 2013. The party then went defunct. 

As several folks that this writer has spoken to have attested -- the time had definitely come to remedy that situation & that's where we are at now. 

According to party Chair Ryan Ralston, it was way past time for a return of 3rd-party politics to our area & the party is very excited about "shaking things up ...& [challenging] the status quo.' 

In addition to Mr. Ralston, the rest of the new party's executive committee is comprised of Beth Moye Shaffer, Gabbie Fox & Renee Fraudy. 


In the spirit of full disclosure, your semi-esteemed Editor was involved w/ the East Metro LP back in the day & is planning on being involved w/ the LP of Newton Co as a regular member. 

I know some will tell you that you shouldn't officially be involved w/ a political party if you're a journalist but I'm fortunate in that I am not your regular run-of-the-mill journalist, but rather a Citizen Journalist.


 I Do What I Want! 

(and ain't that just so damn Libertarian?)

By all accounts, this is looking to be a big get-together for lovers of liberty in & around the home county as well as being a historic evening by virtue of a new, vital entity becoming part & parcel of the Body Politic of Newton & the Great State of Georgia. 

Again, that will be this Wednesday, August 11 in the upstairs section of The Social Goat (1115 Church St. Covington, GA 30014) on the east side of the Covington Square. 6:30pm. 

*Stay Tuned for a follow-up piece covering the meeting*