16 August 2021

Perrin Lovett's Final CFF Column: Americans Finally Benefit From Washington’s Longest War

*ed. note: after an almost 3 & 1/2 yr run, TPC's CF Floyd Feature Column of Affairs National article by Perrin Lovett, is winding its way to an end. It's been quite the ride w/ nary a dull moment (or lack of controversy). Big thanks to my old Terry College classmate for putting out some exceptional content here & nothing but best wishes as he concentrates more on his multiple other projects. And fear not, fearless readers, Perrin remains a Contributor here at the old newssite & says he will be making semi-occasional contributions moving forward. Also, stay tuned for the reboot of the CF Floyd Feature Column of Affairs National by MB McCart here in the next few weeks. As always, thanks for reading. -MBM 

 It is the end of an empire in a place known for ending them.

In May of 1988, the Soviets fully withdrew from Afghanistan. Within two years, the corrupt, socialist People’s Democratic Party (PDPA) collapsed under assault from the Mujahideen. Another two years passed and the USSR imploded. 

This time, the same thing happened but at an unbelievable speed. Imperial US troops weren’t even 100% withdrawn before the triumphant Taliban began scooping up multiple cities and regions by the day. Kabul has fallen. The fake government is gone. The final offensive returned the nation of Afghanistan to its people. Ascendant China has already recognized the freedom fighters as the legitimate government. Astoundingly, the failed USSA has too in a way. Washington made the offer of formal diplomatic acknowledgment in the hopeful, prospective (and needless) exchange of having its embassy spared. 

Let me say, I never thought I’d be cheering for the Taliban. But, here we are. May the peace and prosperity that nationalism brings smile upon the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan!

For their part, the Taliban have simply ignored fake president Harris’s pleas. They have apparently secured a much better deal with Beijing. The US is now safe to ignore. And there probably wasn’t going to be much violence near the embassy anyway. There was no need to abandon it. Still, it was hilarious to watch the US and the UK scramble around while the Russians sat, watched, and whistled - kind of like a reversal of the street marching scene from The Wind and the Lion.

Yet, still, the lies flowed from DC. “Remember, this is not Saigon. We went to Afghanistan 20 years ago with one mission and that mission was to deal with the folks who attacked us on 9/11. And we have succeeded in that mission,” lied fake Secretary of State and fake American Antony Blinken. He, like his father, is simply incapable of telling the truth. I will briefly explain the truth that he lied about in another column soon, no later than September Eleventh.

Unlike Blinken, the Taliban offers to Americans kind truth: 

Our message to the American people and people of the western powers who fought us, who we know are hurt by this defeat, is simple: we do not have any hatred for you. Your government, ran by Zionists and atheists, who want to spread their anti-Islamic views here, were our enemies, not you. We pray for the day when you liberate yourselves from their grip and there can be peace upon this planet.

Unlike the civil war against the PDPA, this time there was little to no resistance. Moscow’s puppet regime was roundly despised, but they were commanding and ruthless. Washington’s marionette, even more despised, didn't even rise to the respectability level of a wet paper kitten. When the Taliban approached, fake government troops either stepped aside or switched sides. The illegitimate frauds in Kabul are already relocating (permanently, or so it sadly appears) to the US or Canada. The shills literally fell from the sky as the last C-17 departed. The Afghan people support the Taliban. And they should. 

Yes, the entirety of the last twenty years of idiotic neocon war was a complete and total waste - with one exception, which I’ll cover in a moment. The people of Afghanistan are no more interested in things like false representative democracy, hollow Enlightenment blasphemy, or, really, Western Civilization than the people of Somalia, El Salvador, or Atlanta. The antics of another failed empire and its foreign controllers notwithstanding, the Afghans will run their affairs as they see fit.

If you fought in the war, for the USSA, and are understandably upset about these predictable developments, then take some comfort. It was destined to be this way. Kindly redirect your anger towards those children of the devil who lied you into the quagmire while simultaneously destroying your nation. Learn from the experiences of others and be happy about their successes. A wonderful thing has happened! Another nation and people are free and independent, relieved of the burden of foreign luciferian control. Just as the Afghans will build something new, Americans may as well. 

If you did not fight in the war and are somehow upset about these natural developments, then just shut the hell up. You’re either part of the problem or else plain stupid. Stay silent and out of the way. The rest of us have work to do.

Now comes the benefit! Along with all the other unfolding factors demographic, cultural, political, judicial, economic, etc, this sound military defeat of what was supposedly the world’s greatest military power is a great thing for Americans. It heralds the end of the USSA and its misbegotten empire. The nature of the defeat and, especially, the speed of the collapse juxtaposed against the Soviet version, says something. Several things, in fact. 

The dead USSA cannot win a war. Any war. The Pentagram, the CIA, and the RAND Corporation have all reluctantly but unanimously concluded that the former empire cannot win a war against Russia. Or China. Certainly not against Russia and China together. Iran is doubtful, though, given the Afghan defeat, all doubt should be removed. 

If the demise of the Washington-backed fake Afghan government came about not in two years but almost instantly, then it bodes well that the final end of the USSA and a normalizing breakup may follow much faster than expected. 

Was learning that worth the massive damage caused by this failed war? No, but we must make do with what we have. Almost everything you’ve been told by the empire, its agents, and its foreign rulers about Afghanistan (and everything else) is a complete lie. Eventually, the truth shines through. That’s how history goes.

Every chapter of history comes to a close. This is the final regular C.F. Floyd Column of National Affairs, at least as written by me, for the Piedmont Chronicles. Everything has a season and everything comes to an end. I look forward to occasionally contributing somewhat periodic articles on topics of my choosing. In parting, I offer thanks and well wishes to M.B. and to the TPC team and audience.

May God bless and save the West.

-Perrin Lovett

Contributing Writer to The Piedmont Chronicles

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