31 January 2023

[Local Business Spotlight] - Five O'Clock Sports Bar & Grill: Covington's Live Music Destination Location


7189 Turner Lake Rd 
Covington, GA 30014

Covington, GA's Live Music Destination Location

By: MB McCart, Editor 

As this publication has written about a time or two over the years, Five O'Clock Sports Bar & Grill is one of Covington's favorite spots. With a "Cheers" type vibe where everybody knows your name, an amazing staff & some of the best food in the home city, perhaps the the best part of this wonderful establishment is its support & prioritizing of local live music. 

Every Friday & Saturday night, as well as most Sunday afternoons, local music lovers can catch live shows from a variety of artists performing multiple genres. 

All one need to do to realize this is to check out their top-notch & busy music schedule for the month of February. 

Here we go: 

Friday February 3rd, 9pm - Cornbread 

Some real-deal Country right here, this crew is one the regular favorites at Five O'Clock. 

Always high energy - always a big time. If you're in the mood for some of that good, classic stuff, this is a must-see show! 

Saturday February 4th - Spanky's Monkey - music starts at 9pm 

This well known & highly regarded power trio will be bringing their high-octane Rock & Roll back to the bar & folks are excited as this is always an exciting show. 

This band has been around since back in the day & always impress w/ their ability to sound more like a five-piece & then also for their knack of breaking out some nice deeper-cut rockers as well as hitting on a few other genres. 

Mainly, more than anything - it's PARTY! music. 

Spankey's Monkey - Tearin' It Up!

Sunday February 5th - The C-Town Blues Revue 


If It's Good To Ya' - Sho gotta be good for Ya'!

In the spirit of full journalistic disclosure, your semi-esteemed Editor is a part of this Acoustic Blues group & I'm proud of it. 

Playing on Sunday from 3 to 6pm - what we affectionately & humorously refer to as The Old Folks Show - this band features 20-yr old guitar prodigy Ethan Rogers as well as one of the best Real-Deal Blues singers you'll ever likely see around here - the one & only Kiley Kemp. 

Playing tunes ranging from Albert King, BB King, Howlin' Wolf & Muddy Waters to Hendrix, SRV, Willie, Zeppelin & all points in between, this is a superior musical experience. 

Bonus points: Larry Germain of Fat Matt's Rib Shack fame will be sitting in on acoustic bass! 

Friday February 10th - Joe Olds Band

Joe Olds -This guy's Legit, Y'all! 

Joe Olds, who is a self-proclaimed Country Boy at heart, is known all over Georgia for his bonafide country stylings & voice that will "take you to Nashville" every, single time. 

Add to that a kicking band that doesn't miss a beat & you will see why Joe is one of the most popular live musicians in the Georgia Piedmont. 

You won't want to miss this one, folks. And usually when he plays at The Five, it fills up fast. Consider calling 770-385-3060 to make reservations. 

Saturday February 11th - Stand Up Comedy Night 

Yes, that's right. It's not just live music that you might find at Five O'Clock, they're known for having some comedy shows & showcases here & there as well. 

Some of you may remember that C-Town's own & touring Comedian Matt Lumpkin did a show w/ a fellow performer just a few months ago. 

Greg & them are real excited about this one as this Showcase features 7 different comedians performing multiple sets. 

Like to laugh? Better ease on down on Saturday the 11th. 

Sunday February 12th, 3 to 6pm - Payne & Trouble

(Followed by the Five O'Clock Super Bowl Party & Extravaganza!)

This unique & extremely talented trio has developed a strong following all throughout our neck of the woods. With nice & well-phrased playing as well as some beautiful vocal harmonies, what really sets these guys apart is their mix of songs. 

They can hit you w/ some really nice originals, turn around & do some Eagles & then surprise you w/ Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home" (have you ever heard that one covered around here?). 

I know several musicians & music lovers who always make a point to check these guys out as they usually play at least a Sunday every month or so at The 5. 

Payne & Trouble


--Look for a second piece here at TPC in approx two weeks that will contain expanded write-ups of the entertainment for the last two weeks of February at Five O'Clock Sports Bar & Grill-- 

In the meantime, here's the schedule for the last two weeks of February: 

Friday February 17th - Upgrade Band - Real Deal R&B and Soul Music

Saturday February 18th - Chris, Jon & Scott - One of my (and everybody's) favorite local groups! 

Sunday February 19th - Hunter Grayson - such a talented young man w/ big things going on

Friday February 24th - The One. The. Only! 

 A M Y   R A E!!!

By all accounts - She KILLED IT at their last show!

(And look out for a future dedicated piece in this space on this amazing talent)

Saturday February 25th - Dirty Truth 


So again, look out for that upcoming piece that will have expanded write-ups for each these acts performing the final two weeks of this month, & keep an eye out for TPC's upcoming advertising campaign for Five O'Clock Sports Bar & Grill (and remember to check out their Facebook page at the first of every week to check out their delicious & nicely priced lunch specials). 

Alright, gang, until next time! 

MB McCart