11 April 2023

Quick Check-In From The Editor: Spring Break Over; Talkin' Hospital Authority; What's Comin' Down The Pike

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Greetings, Fearless Readers, and we sure hope it's dandy as candy out there. 

How about The Masters? What a tournament we witnessed this year. The weather was really something, wasn't it? It went from Summer to Winter to Spring in the span of three days. Was thrilled to see Rahm win it. He's a special guy. Helluva player, too. I think he could be the one to become the face of professional golf to fill the void of Tiger. We'll see. 

Last week was also Spring Break for yours truly so we didn't have any postings. 

But now we're back! 

Coming up this week: 

- 1st report on the Newton County Hospital Authority. And yes, you read that right. And no - you haven't gone back in time five years, either. The Authority L I V E S! Yes, indeed. Most folks thought it was dissolved after they did away w/ the indigent care & ambulance millage & executed the 40-yr lease w/ Piedmont Healthcare. That is NOT the case. Stay tuned. DEVELOPING... 

- Later in the week exclusively at TPC: a Past Piedmont Chronicles; Da's second chapter of The Russians Are Coming & Kansas City Shitweed, and another Music Minute

Okay for now, 

- MB McCart