25 November 2015

Talkin' Tommy Craig, Stanton Springs, et al

The Chronicles
An Editorial

Talkin' Tommy Craig, Stanton Springs, et al

The analogy that has been bantered about is this:

The worker bees busily rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic while Wm. Thomas Craig, Esq. has his finger hovering, with great aim and rank for a goal, over the nuclear option button because he's either got enough on everyone to be able to be in that position or those folks are just too damn embarrassed that they got fleeced by the slick fella so bad that they'd almost actually rather be guilty of something because then at least folks would say - "Well...that happens. Duality of man and all that. Homeboy chose unwisely."

However, for the sake of argument and for your consideration, what if that's not fully true? What if the million dollar attorney is yet another, albeit large and with maybe a bit of dirt under his fingernails, allegedly, pawn in this multi-generational harvesting of our home county.

Per that o'er boy that stay down the street, this old-model, straight-up fleecing that has, allegedly, been going on for at least a few scores of years. Former Sheriffs, former Board members,certain construction companies former...whatever. More times than not, when there's a lot of smoke there is usually at least a bit of fire.

Who? What? Where, and When? Indeed!

The rabbit hole. Where does it stop? Do we want it to stop. Do THEY want it to stop? Who is they? Dark lords? Greedy grubbers? The lieutenants of the scam? The worker bees?

So, is the word on the street true? Is the 4-county JDA the last payday for the power elite types? Who is on the JDA? Who provided the money? The Bank of Madison? What't the tie-in of the Jasper Co. boys? Jordan? The Bank of Monticello?

And where the hell's Walton Co. on this thing. One gets the impression that them folks are just along for the ride and money and they're really happy to be here, thank you very much, and pass the popcorn while we watch this. And, oh yeah, Newton Co - y'all think you control everything? Social Circle is like that monster in Return of the Jedi! We must feed it! Social Circle gonna take over! Everything!  Annexation, FTW! Man, I just don't know. Questions abound!

Has it reached a certain point? Is it the death rattle of the old-model good ole boy network?

In the words of the wise one, Bustwafa - "shoot..ain't no tellin'"

So, where do we go from here when Keith Ellis and Mort Ewing turn against the JDA? What if there's been a monster created that wasn't foreseen? The law of unintended consequences, perhaps? What if Craig is on the right side of this thing? And the wrong side, too! Hey, it's not conflict of interest if everyone knows, right? A great friend of the program just recently said this to us - Newton Co. thrives on chaos. Errbody know that!

Maybe it's just some good old fashioned dumbassedness. And maybe a bit of the Fear...

We'll keep our ear to the ground. Y'all have a great Turkey Day! Gobble, Gobble!