20 November 2015

[TPC] - NEWS FLASH - Bill Perugino has resigned as Newton Co. GOP Chair; Todd Bowen to become new Chair

The Chronicles
20 November '15

[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]

(Covington, GA) - The Chronicles were made aware of a change of leadership of the Newton
Co. Republican Party late last night; however, the source was second-hand. During the course of the day this publication received multiple corroborations of this turn of events, albeit all second-hand and therefore we were not comfortable in posting any new reports on this issue.

But after having had a lengthy conversation tonight with Todd Bowen, formerly the first Vice-Chair of the Newton Co. GOP, and effective as tomorrow, the new Chair of the aforementioned county party, the Chronicles can report the following:

  • William "Bill" Perugino has resigned as Chair of the Newton Co. GOP. 
  • Todd Bowen is the new interim-Chair and will be the new Chair contingent upon a vote by the County Committee of the party. 
But what County Committee will that be? The one duly elected by the various precincts, or the committee created after, as we understand it to be - the illegal and in-violation-of-the-GA-GOP-bylaws, version of the County Committee after the "purging" of duly elected, dues-paying members of this party? That's the big question. That's the rub...

I will say this - I heard some good things during this conversation. All the right words. Promises of olive branches being extended, but...we've been hearing that for three years. But those were other persons; that was another time. Perhaps things may be different this time around. That is up to Todd Bowen, if confirmed by the Newton Co. GOP's County Committee. We shall see. But if what we hear is true, none of this matters anyway as an appeal is underway of the aforementioned purging that a heavy majority of the the State of Georgia GOP committee is ready to act on in favor of the aggrieved as soon as they are legally able to do so.

So we'll just have to wait and see...

'Til next time,