23 November 2015

[TPC] - Newton Co. GOP meeting with guest speaker Sheriff Ezell Brown and some thoughts on the Sheriff

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The Newton Co. GOP had its regular monthly meeting tonight in Covington. There has been, as of late, some major changes within that particular party which has been addressed here recently, but the main part of this evening was the program given by the Sheriff of Newton Co., Mr. Ezell Brown.

Sheriff Brown covered many things in his almost hour-long presentation. It was very interesting; this newsman enjoyed it immensely. The key parts were these:

  • The Sheriff mentioned the Newton County Sheriff's Office (NCSO)'s recent accreditation from the American Corrections Association. Our department is one of just a few throughout our great land to have it. 
  • He covered the 19 divisions within the department including: 
    • Uniform Patrol - "the first line of service" that deals with some 76,000 calls per year and comprised of 64 uniformed deputies. 
    • The Warrants Division which so far in 2015 has served approx. 4,400 of those. 
    • The Community Outreach Division - his favorite according to his own words - and the C.H.A.M.P.S. program that is aimed towards kids becoming "NBA" starts (NBA - never been arrested). 
    • Special Investigations, Detention Division (the jail, aka the "Ezell Hotel"), SWAT, et al
  • The Sheriff also discussed that while calls and services are way up while budgets have been cut or plateaued, the number of violent crimes, robberies, and burglaries are down. This is info that is confirmed and that this writer was already aware of. 
Again, I greatly enjoyed the Sheriff's presentation. To me,  he's a good man and a good Sheriff. I truly feel he is that guardian of Justice and the keeper of the Peace that he's supposed to be.