21 December 2015

[tpc] - The ever continuing saga of the NCRP; Bowen out as Chair

~ The Chronicles ~ 
21 December '15 
(Covington, GA) 

The Newton Co. Republican Party (NCRP) held a called County Commission (CC) meeting this evening at 6pm at the Cov. Women's Club. This writer attended the first 40 minutes or so then couldn't stand the excitement any more. As an aside, Delia Fleming stormed out about a half hour in when acting interim Chair Todd Bowen wouldn't violate Robert's Rules of Order. She was NOT IMPRESSED! Of course, she took with her, if my notes are correct, at least two proxies, so perhaps as one attendee mentioned, "she may have let her anger get the better of her."

As the soul-crushing and energy-sucking  hot mess of a public forum ground through the metaphorical bones of our Founding Fathers, apparently acting interim Chair Todd Bowen had his Charley James moment and announced he was resigning. Apparently, he was getting the lean-on and hard-sell from some of those from...how shall we say this - on high (congressional district, state, and per the Word, federal - and was feeling like he was being pulled, in a rough fashion, from multiple directions. Even after the objections of many members of the Assembly who wanted Bowen to remain as Chair for party unity, he wouldn't do it. Well, if you play the game, then yes, we all have our proverbial bosses and respective spheres of influence, as it were, which is yet another reason that this writer doesn't play that particular part of that particular game. But I digress...

After that, the rest of the CC, which was in a state of Quorum, came to a meeting of the minds and various motions were tendered, discussed, and passed, including, but not limited to, the following:

- Ray Cowan agreed to act as a temporary interim Chair for the interest of the party and to make the NCRP ExCom whole again.

- Similarly, Scott Jay is the new interim first Vice-Chair.

- And friend of the program and very intelligent and politically savvy Liz Allen was elected 2nd VC.

- Several new Precinct Chairs were appointed as well.

Existing Officers Linda Park and Vickie Henry retain their roles as 3rd VC and Sec./Treasurer, respectively.

By all accounts, everything was done above board and in compliance with NCRP and GA GOP bylaws, state & federal election laws, and Robert's Rules. There were at least 2 qualified electors and members of the NCRP in good standing who witnessed it as well as a Jasper Co. qualified elector. There also exists a detailed journal/log of the proceedings.

Well...looks like the best was made of a bad situation. Many are very thankful that Ray Cowan, a former NCRP  Officer from the Golden Days of the Party, was willing to do this for party unity; and many are very excited about the new members of the CC as well.

The final rub: it is in this writer's opinion that this assembled body did "the right things, and did things right" by not bouncing out the two establishment members of the ExCom or some of those others who are Precinct Chairs. It seems as if the long county nightmare - political realm/GOP edition - is finally coming to a close at the same time that maybe - just maybe - the elected office realm is also improving in the home county. Hell...maybe we can save ourselves and win "The Battle of Newton County" after all. But, as I've said a few times, let's not hold our breaths or nothin.'

Because there seems to be a disturbance in the Force, as it were, that this writer can detect from not even a half-mile or so as the crow flies. I can feel negative, frantic, nervous, and perhaps even possibly semi-nefarious energy emanating from a certain street in the east ward of that fair city Covington, GA. So...we shall see. But maybe not! Maybe we can start winning again, and perhaps we can make Newton Co. great again.

You know the drill. Tonto network and all. We've got the fires lit up for them smoke signals. And remember folks - get 'ya a land-line. If the network goes down, you're gonna want that good ole fashioned land line. And I ain't talkin' that uVerse crap or them o'er ones. I'm talkin' that good Dixie Bell/Southern Bell dinosaur of a line. It's still there. You have to give code words when you're talkin' w/ them ATT folks, though. Let me know if you need some help on that one...

Oh, but I just won't do, will I? Somebody needs to put me in the trash can and put a rock on the lid!

Y'all be good and Lord Willin' & all that, and we'll you see you on the flip-flop, by gosh.