13 December 2015

[TPC] - The Sunday Edition of The Piedmont Chronicles; 13 December '15 Version

The Piedmont Chronicles

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The Sunday Edition; 13 December 2015

In this edition: 
 ~ Local & State 
 ~ Politickin'
 ~ Music, Art & Culture
 ~ Miscellany & What-not 
 ~ Word on the Street (Tonto Network) 

Local & State 

 ~ Greetings, fine readers, and we hope this edition finds you well. 

What's new? 

At the state level, the powers-that-be are once again trying to deny reality and "frame the narrative" vis-a-vis in-state cannabis growing. The people, and this writer, and almost errbody else will be siding with that folk hero of a state rep., Mr. Allen Peake. Deal et al need to get the memo, and right quick. 

Here locally, where to start? As this publication mentioned some time back, it seems as if our long county nightmare may possible be coming to an end. But there again, let's not hold our breath.

C-town. Questions about as to the way some departments and department heads are conducting their business without awareness or oversight from our elected ward reps and Mr. Mayor. Who are these people? What have they been doing? Obviously the city has seen a lot of turnover the past couple of years and there are many new faces of folks that many of us are not aware of. Lots of questions there. And as many have said over the years, if not for municipal services, C-town would be a bigger of a hot mess than Newton Co. Perhaps the failure is ours as the Citizenry. Well...maybe so. But that is changing...


We kinda covered that in the first segment, but here's a few additional bullet points:

  • How excited is everyone in C-town about new Councilman Josh McKelvey? I've never seen anything quite like it. There's an excitement, enthusiasm, and energy in the air for this most impressive young fellow. 
  • Newton Co. gonna Newton Co. So if the word's true, Valet Levie Maddox has read the tea leaves and will not be trying to run for Chairman of the Board. But Tonto sez he studyin' up real hard to retain BOC 5. So, a 3-man race. I love it. Travis Moore, Jared Rutberg, and Garcon Levie. Good stuff! * 
  • DC Dave Belton is looking more and more like a champion of the common man. HD 112 seems lucky to have him. Great work, Cap'n - Ciao & blue skies... 
  • Developing... 

Music, Art & Culture 

  • The battle of wills between Sweet Harmony & Amici has seemingly been resolved. Look for that magnificent Americana group at Amici in January. 
  • Speaking of Amici, Whiskey Bent played there last Friday. Man, them boys are good. Fluff Whatley has turned out to be one helluva singer and that o'er boy play guitar real good. And I keep hearing good stuff 'bout High Charity. 
  • And those artists we got in C-town! It's just too much almost. The Indians said there was something in the water in this part of the GA Piedmont, and we're not inclined to disagree. Today's featured creators: 
    • I know I keep featuring her, but I just can't help myself. It is in the estimation of this writer that she is possibly one of the greatest Artists alive on Earth. Elise Hammond
    • But Cindy Murphy, though. Oh my. Just brilliant! 
    • But perhaps my all-time fav. The one. The only. Carol V
  • Culture:

Miscellany & What Not 

TPC Top 40 Dance Party has now been pushed back to March. 

Word on the Street

This is a very special place. As mentioned earlier, they say there's something in the water. Back in the day, this area is basically where the Creek & Cherokee Indian Nations met and overlapped. The coming together of what is now the four counties was known as a special and spiritual place. I've heard that there are major water resources underground in that area as well. Hmmm...there's somethin' there. I'm just not smart enough to put my finger on it right now. I'll keep studyin' up on it...

Thanks for reading. You are appreciated very much.

'Til next time,

Your semi-esteemed Editor,

- M.B. McCart