09 December 2015

[TPC] - Wednesday Morning Check-in: Talkin' VanNess, Solid Waste, Form of Govt. and More

The Chronicles
9 December '15

Greetings, fine readers. Hope all is well out there. Just a few quick bullet points:

  • In re the lovely and talented JaNice VanNess who just shocked the state with her incredible victory in SD 43 (a 2 to 1 Democratic district), as this pressman had also heard - this impressive feat is also on the national radar as evidenced by this write-up by the Washington Examiner. Good on 'ya, Ms. JaNice! We're all very excited to see you in action in the Gold Dome this upcoming session. It is our belief that a smart, hard-working woman like yourself is exactly what we need up there with that crew. 
  • There were two public workshops that the Newton BOC did last night. Not much to report other than: 
    • It's looking like they will likely take the recommendations of staff and the citizens' committee and set up a solid-waste authority. Seems to be a prudent move to us. 
    • Regarding form of government, there were discussions about removing veto power and other lowerings of control of the Chair. Hey, here's a quick idea, since we're operating outside of our charter right now and everything - why don't we get right on that and then decide whatever we're going to decide and then let it go through our local delegation, then the Gold Dome, and then the Governor's desk like we're supposed to. I mean really - I just don't get it. We know Craig's advice has been crap for years - we ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE LEGAL CHARTER! Gawd...
    • It's good cheap entertainment except when it ain't! 
  • Also, regarding potential development at Stanton Springs, and then also here in C-town with Alcovy village, it's hard for this writer to understand why governmental entities are always so willing to basically just believe almost anything and everything a real estate developer says. Because, as we understand it, you could put them right behind used car salesmen and politicians on a certain list. Having been in the dirt game for some time, you must always remember the two cardinal rules: 
    • Trust but verify
    • Get it in writing
Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day. Lots of moving parts as per usual. But always remember this, you sweet, lovely, talented and most-appreciated readers - there are people, lots of people, who are on it. They in there like swimwear, and just truly on it, dawggone it!

Just call us part of the Tonto network. We've got our ears on the ground.

'Til next time...