21 February 2016

[tpc] - The Dawn of a New Day in Newton Co.

The Piedmont Chronicles 
~ est. 2010 ~ 

-M.B.McCart, Editor- 

[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]

(21 February '16 * Covington, GA) -

Yesterday, Saturday February 20, was a very important day. Throughout the great state of Georgia, various electoral precincts were reset and delegates were chosen & voted upon for the upcoming county conventions of the respective county parties of the Grand Old Party here in the home state. Those conventions will be held on Sat. March 19th.

Not all counties did this yesterday, however, as smaller and less-populated counties will reset their precincts the morning of convention day.

Here in Newton, it was an especially great day as many hard-working, tenacious & passionate advocates of Freedom and lovers of Liberty saw years of sweat, blood & toil finally pay off after a 4-yr battle with the forces of inertia and establishment, this editor proudly & humbly included. For what we saw in Newton was this - an inclusive, open and welcoming party that saw some 80 delegates who participated in the ultimate electoral process. It was truly a good day.

Much thanks and recognition go out to the many who helped make this possible. The following list certainly does not include everyone and if you're not listed here, please know - that we know - and we'll always be most grateful and are fortunate for your involvement.

~ Mr. Fred Wheeler - the original Captain of the Cause. 

Dating back to February of 2012...I fancied myself and my buddy Frank as his 1st Lieutenants...we were fighting a losing battle, and we knew it, and we loved every second of it...even though we were Ron Paul guys, and he wasn't, we struck a chord and bond, and while I'd known Mr. Fred since 2001, it was then and there that our friendship and level of mutual admiration really grew. He's been involved with party politics since 1968...a great man; there's never been a stronger friend of freedom in Newton Co. I'd like to see him become a national delegate to the RNC in Ohio this Summer.

~ Mr. Chairman Ray Cowan 

For stepping up to the plate and serving again a quarter-century after his 1st stint as Chair of the party. And for being exactly what the Newton Co. GOP needed at this exact time. And to his better half, Ms. Vivian. Both just truly wonderful people.

~ Liz Allen, current 2nd VC 

For never giving up and always keeping us whipped and riled up and ready to fight for the noble, just and good fight. And to her husband Andy.

~ Miss Jessica

Our C4L Lady of Liberty. For her unwavering passion, bravery and toughness of always fanning the flames of Freedom & Liberty despite major health issues over the past several years. And her Andy as well.

~ To Jason Pye 

For being Jason Pye 

~ My main man and brother from another Mother, J. Aaron Brooks. And the rest of my adopted family: Momma Brooks, Uncle Max and Uncle Bubba. 

~ Josh McKelvey

For being the missing piece of the puzzle and whose addition exponentially made of the sum so much greater of the parts.

~ Scott Jay, 1st VC of the NCRP 

For his tireless efforts and intelligence. And his lovely bride.

~ Norris Key, Doug Holt & the rest of the "In-Betweeners" who let their displeasure be known to the former establishment when they temporarily left the party in protest.

~ And last but not least - Ms. Delia Fleming 

For being a worthy opponent. For never ceasing to amaze. For, at times, -- ALLEGEDLY ( commentary/satire/opinion with no ill intent ) ALLEGEDLY -- possibly being prone to "cat" like ways. I love you, Madame Chair! You always remind me of the character, Grandmother, from Flannery O'Connor's "A Good Man is Hard to Find."


It truly was a great day for the home county. I'm glad to have been able to cover it as a Citizen-Journalist and also participate in it as a Qualified Elector.

'Til next time!

Your pal,

M.B. McCart