15 February 2016

[tpc] - (possible) Peace in the Valley - NCRP edition

The Chronicles
15 February '16

Per multiple reports, the Georgia Republican Party has finally given their say vis-a-vis the ongoing and deteriorating saga of the Newton County Republican Party (NCRP). On to the bullet points:

- Ray Cowan is the official Chair of the NCRP

- The official precinct mass meetings of the NCRP will be this Saturday, Feb. 20th, as advertised by the official call of the official NCRP, and its Chair, Ray Cowan.

- It has also been reported that Todd Bowen has officially resigned his very tenuous hold on the 1st Vice-Chair position (if you remember, Bowen resigned as interim Chair back in December that was reported on in a previous tpc write-up)

- As others had previously reported, Vickie Henry had already resigned her position has Secretary-Treasurer of the NCRP. It is expected and legally mandated that Ms. Henry turn over any and all records she has in her possession to the current executive board.

- It was reported by a couple of sources that the State party advised that official notices be put up at the multiple locations that were advertised by the illegitimate "open call" of the non-sanctioned Newton Republican Party for tomorrow, Feb. 16th, telling potential caucus-goers that the official NCRP precinct mass meetings will be held on the 20th at Turner Lake.

Per multiple accounts, the state party, who had been very patient and accommodating to the multi-year establishment of the NCRP, had simply reached a point where they could no longer afford to do so or they would have been in violation of their own bylaws and possibly state and federal election law.

The system at work, one might suppose. It's actually rather heartening and encouraging. And as someone who has been intimately involved with this situation for over four years, I can tell you this - if all of this info is accurate, and this is indeed how the chips have fallen, then this gives a true glimmer of hope that the system is still workable.

I'm still not convinced that this is all settled, though. I'd like to believe it, but I'm just not so sure. But we shall see...

Our ear, as always, is close to the ground. Thanks for reading.