01 February 2016

[tpc] - A Report From Iowa - Checking in with Councilman McKelvey

The Chronicles 
1 February ' 16 


Josh McKelvey, the most recent representation of the east ward on the Covington City Council joined a fellow Liberty councilman, Roger Marmol of Snellville, and several other Georgia Liberty activists and took the drive up to Iowa a few days back in order to help campaign and aid and assist the presidential campaign of Rand Paul.

I had the opportunity to check in with Josh yesterday for a phone interview. On to the bullet points: 

  • The call center/HQ that they were at had made 85,000 phone calls the previous day and had added 2,000 to the list of new caucus goers who would be supporting Rand. 
  • At this particular HQ, there were over 200 volunteers with the great state of Georgia being the most represented other than Iowa. Now that's pretty cool...
  • A total of 1.1 million calls has been made out of this particular call center. 
  • In terms of the ground support, the Rand campaign has 1100 precinct chairs in Iowa, way more than any other candidate, and they will have hundreds of volunteers at caucus locations where there isn't a known precinct chair. 
  • Some demos for you: per the grassroots, Rand is hitting the under-40 crowd at +28. Those are some killer numbers there... 
In closing, Josh said that the mood was bright, energetic, and optimistic with the belief by many that a top-3 finish, which most Rand supporters are hoping for and somewhat expecting, could do a lot in the way of viability and help build momentum leading to the New Hampshire primary.

Going back to one thing. that plus-28% for the under-40 crowd. You do realize how huge that is, right? That's how O. won it in 2008. You can get a youth vote like that, and add to that Rand's work with justice reform and a common-sense approach to improving police and prison on top of his already impeccable street cred vis a vis fiscal conservatism, etc. And folks - it's a dang winner! He wins a general election way easier than any other GOPer out there. And that's just the fact, right there, man.

Rand, FTW!