09 August 2016

[tpc] - J.C. Henderson and others head up Johnny Isakson's Newton County Campaign Team.

The Chronicles
9 August 2016

Johnny Isakson, Chamber darling and well-known RINO, has announced his leadership teams and committees in Georgia, including here in Newton Co.

Leading up the Newton County contingent is Democratic BOC Commissioner J.C. Henderson, soon-to-be-former BOC Chairman Keith Ellis, disgraced plagiarist and former Newton Co. GOP Chairman Bill Perugino, Delia Fleming, Mort Ewing, Julius Hays and a few others.

Quite the team you've assembled there, Johnny...

Henderson, a 6-term Democrat here in Newton Co., follows in the footsteps of David Scott, a Democratic congressman in Georgia, who has also endorsed Isakson.

Many over the years have voiced their concerns and disdain for Senator Isakson as an out-of-touch and establishment politician. In this writer's opinion, this doesn't look to shore up his support here in the home county.