08 August 2016

[tpc] - Gone Fishin'...Again.

The Piedmont Chronicles
8 August '16 

[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]

~~~ (North Covington) ~~~ 

May 23rd. That was the date of the my last post here. Man...doesn't seem like it was that long ago. I knew I should have put up the "Gone Fishin'" sign. Just had a feeling...

Well, I didn't. I haven't completely gone away. I've posted a good bit on the Book of Faces, at least on my personal page, including some political stuff. In terms of writing, I've mainly been concentrating on my music and entertainment columns over at The Covington News. I sure enjoy doing those, and as some of you may know - while I "wear many hats [and while] being a musician and a musical enthusiast are chief among them" - I still have that thirst; no, scratch that, that need, to cover the political stuff.

But it's just not the political stuff. I've found myself needing to write about a lot of other things, too. To that point, you will see, most likely starting this weekend, also in The Covington News, a new offering. A new featured column called "The Esoteric South." Think of it as a blend between Grizzard and Hunter S. Thompson. I think it's gonna be pretty good. I sure hope so. The first edition will be entitled, "Talkin' Southern'." You'll be able to read those columns on this page as well.

But...as Tennessee W. would say, "like a moth to the flame," I just can't help myself. I've got to start writing about the Real Politick again. And who can blame me? We've got some great material to work with coming down the pike, no? Here in Newton, we've got Aaron "Hank Sr." Varner, the man who served as Chair of the BOC during the "Great Sell-out of Newton County;" going up against Marcello "No Show" Banes, who apparently likes tents and who may or may not be "dumber than a bucket of warm spit," for Commission Chair. We've got a US Senate race on between "Shufflin '& Chamber-lovin' Johnny"; Barksdale, the rich Dem, and a guy I've known and respected for 12 years - Allen Buckley, the Libertarian. And of course, we've got the Presidential race going on. How could I pass all that that up?!

So, I guess I'm back in the saddle, and if I had put up that "Gone Fishin'" sign a few months ago, I'd definitely be taking it down right about now. There's obviously a lot to catch up on and to cover. Here's a sampling of what will be easin' down the street the next few weeks:

  • A few days back on FB, I had posted some fairly negative stuff about Ronnie Cowan, presumed Commissioner-elect of Newton's 5th district (I say presumed, because a certified write-in could still qualify). Within about 10 hours of that post, I found myself having a face-to-face convo with that fella, per his request. I'll fill you in on that. And speaking of that race - Jared Rutberg lost by, what, 35 votes? Man...what a shame. Jared would have been a good one. 
  • I'll be going by the Newton County Board of Elections to check the campaign reports of Ronnie Cowan, Marcello Banes, and perhaps one or two others. Who's writin' them boys (and gals) checks? Inquiring minds want to know... 
  • Looking into the Newton Co. Solid Waste Authority. And are the trash convenience centers really going away? 
  • The Cow Palace. Initial funding is there, and the BOC has passed it, but what of maintenance and operating expenses? Who's going to staff it? How much money will this add to the Newton Co. budget moving forward? 
  • And did the city of Covington raise property taxes? Technically speaking, yes they did! Mr. Mayor, Ronnie Johnson, was the deciding vote. Speaking of C-town, the enthralling tale of "The Gazebo that Wouldn't Go Away." Or, maybe it has...  
  • New Library Board appointees, and is Bill Perugino still on that thing? I think he's still on the Board of Elections
  • And is there a new push by a small number of Newton Co. residents to try to bring back the ill-fated Bear Creek Reservoir project? 

Musical Interlude:

Millsaps. The Man.
The Myth. The Legend.
A quick aside: while I will be getting back into the political stuff, it will be a part of a broader grouping of issues and subjects. Balance. A key word. For me, I just can't go all politics, all the time. It makes feel low; or, as Stephen King would say, it gives me the "bad-gunky." I've got to mix it in with other things. So from here on out, look for local arts, entertainment, food & dining and music. And I'll also be doing some human-interest stuff and talking about life and some other things. And as some of you may remember, the original Piedmont Chronicles was centered around local history, and there will be some of that as well.  Local columnists? Check. I've had several folks ask about Ellis "Da" Millsaps. He's alive, and doing fine. You'll be seeing more of him soon. You might be seeing other columnists as well. So...a TPC reset. Does this sound familiar? Have I done this before?

"No comment."


Good to be back with you. 'Til next time... 

P.S. Wanted to give a shout-out to a fellow writer. Her name is Jessica Szilagyi, and she blogs at the other "TPC." She's an inspiration of mine; I always truly enjoy reading her stuff. 

Kindly Yours,

M.B. McCart