06 November 2016

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The Piedmont Chronicles   
~ est. 2010 ~
[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]

(North Covington, Alcovy, GA, USA * 11.6.16) - Greetings fine readers, I hope this online communique finds you, and that it finds you well. Well...two more days until this God-forsaken, soul-decimating election season finally comes to an agonizing close, but for the Grace of the Good Lord above. That's the silver lining...

For what they're worth, here are the views of The Piedmont Chronicles and its Editor-in-Chief, M.B. McCart, concerning some of the county, state & federal elections, as well as the four constitutional amendments in Georgia (ed.note: not covering unopposed races or ones that I don't feel warrant any consideration. Thx for reading, as always, and we'll see you next time! -MBM)

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Newton Co. 

Aaron Varner , Republican candidate and alleged Craig sympathizer & Bear Creek proponent (and property owner?), who oversaw the great selling out of the home county when he previously served in this position from 2001 to 2008 vs. Marcello "No Show" Banes, the Democrat who doesn't really seem to have a campaign platform or much of an idea on anything.

My vote: neither.

I'm planning on writing in TPC contributor J. Ellis Millsaps, as he is planning to write in Marshall B. McCart. I know of at least one other person who have said they're going to write me in. Why not? Go for it. Vote won't count, though? I'm still not sure that is Constitutional, and I have three lawyers and at least one elected official that agrees with me. Save our county, folks - just vote for your old pal M.B., folks, you can trust me! I'm not like the others!

Tax Commissioner of Newton Co. 
This one is easy. Casey Duren. Without a doubt. The right person for the job!

Coroner of Newton County

Another very easy one. Tommy Davis, the Republican. As good as gold and as honest as the day is long. I've worked with him before. He's just great. And he does a damn fine job as the Coroner here in the home county. Also, many - including several Democrats - have been majorly unimpressed with the floundering, negative & borderline-libelous campaign that his opponent,Bailey-Butts, has ran.

Georgia PSC

Vote for Eric Hoskins, the Libertarian. His challenger,Echols, is bought and paid for by the folks he's supposed to be regulating, just like Wise and the rest of the no-account scoundrels. Do something to improve your lot in life, people! There's no Democrat running. VOTE ERIC HOSKINS FOR GA PSC! 

State Senate 43 

Another easy one. The incumbent, Ms. JaNice Van Ness. She's done some great work up there in the Gold Dome.

U.S. Senate 

I've known Allen Buckley, the Libertarian candidate, for 12 years and can tell you this: he's brilliant, hardworking & passionate about Freedom, Justice and Liberty. A no-brainer here, good folks. "Shufflin' Johnny" is only planning on serving for a few months. He's not well, you know. And Barksdale, the Dem, is non-viable in our estimation. There's only one clear choice. LIBERTARIAN ALLEN BUCKLEY FOR US SENATE! 


This is the one that's got everybody worked up, right? Well...I'll just say this - in light of the recent revelations, Hillary Clinton will never be our commander in chief. Even if she supposedly wins the vote total on Tuesday, she will never assume power. Her biggest concern at this point should be being tried with treason. Seriously, true story. Her and Bill just might need to bug on out to Qatar to keep things from getting too messy. They could think of it as their patriotic duty. Thanks for everything, Clintons, we'll take it from here!

So, with her out of the way, what's the reasoning for voting from Trump again? You just have a fondness for buffoons? You like a strong man who's going to dominate you? Well, different strokes and all, I suppose.

Again, the Libertarian, Gary Johnson, seems like the most prudent and intelligent vote; I've decided to write-in Jill Stein, the Greenie.

The Four Constitutional Amendments in Georgia 

I'm voting NO on all four. They're all pretty terrible but Amendments 1 and 3, in particular, are egregious violators of the public trust. Especially Amendment 3!