30 October 2016

[tpc] - Sunday Evening Check-in; 30th of October, 2016 Edition

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Where to start? 

A Community in Unity, perhaps? 

What an amazing day by an amazing group. Yesterday, Saturday October 29th, upwards of 2500 people, 40+ vendors, upwards of a dozen and half featured speakers, bands,& artists, several volunteers & countless others came together and brought the community of Covington into a state of Unity. It was something else. 


  • Trey Bailey, BOE Rep. of the 1st district of Newton Co., gave a powerful speech. 
  • Ditto to Melvin Everson, the keynote speaker, who gave a true encapsulation of what a community in unity is all about. 
  • The bands, man, the bands! Mojo Ave. killed it, as did Dustin Bragg, Drew Parker and others. It was a jam-packed day of great local talent. 
  • The rest of the speakers - Mr. Mayor Ronnie Johnston, Pastor Ben Wood, CPD Chief Stacy Cotton, Nikki Wells, JaNice Van Ness, Dr. Mabry, and several others really got the message across. 
  • Capt. America was there! 
  • So was US 4th of GA Rep. Hank Johnson. 
  • So many other great things and people were involved. 
It was something special, for sure!

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Local Politics 


Miscellany & What-Not


We'll get our heads right very soon, good people, and we'll be back with you to give you - the fine Citizenry of the home county - the full story...on errything!

You're pleasure is our pleasure, and we aim to please. 

Til next time,

M.B. McCart