19 December 2016

[TPC] - Trash Centers to be closed from midday Christmas Eve until Wednesday, December 28th

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[Newton Co.]

Greetings, fine folks.

Well, just like last year, the Newton Co. trash centers will be closed for multiple days during the peak of trash accumulation season. At least this time around, they seem to be trying to give a good bit of notice. Good for them...

They'll be open a half-day on Thursday, December 24th, and won't again reopen until Wednesday, December 28th.

They've put the word out that they'll be investigating any illegal trash dumps at the gates and will be prosecuting. I'm told the fine will be $250.

So for all of you folks who just dropped that $50 for a tag for the right to dump your trash until, technically, February 15th - here's what you need to know:

A lot of governmental entities and some businesses will be closed on Monday, December 26th, but the trash centers get an extra day on top of that to be closed. Why? You'd have to ask Junior Hilliard, Keith Ellis, or the BOC, I suppose. Although, in the spirit of full disclosure, they're really not getting two extra days off as the centers have been closed on Mondays since October 1st of this year. And in the public sector, by golly, they're gonna get that day off even if the holiday falls on a Sunday. We peons in the private sector don't get that, do we? But t
hat's just the way it is. 

And just like last year, I'll have to publicly state my opinion that this seems like a really bad idea. All these people hosting all of these gatherings; all of those packages and wrapping paper. All of that food being cooked and consumed. As previously mentioned, it's the peak of trash production and accumulation of the entire year, and they're going to close it down until Wednesday morning - 90 hours without trash service. What, so 11 people can get an extra day off? Are they even getting paid for that day off? Because I'd almost feel better if they did, but we don't know because we pay the contract holder a set amount and he pays the center operators. Was this a part of the operating agreement? I guess I know what one of my next ORRs will be, perhaps. And on a side note, this money was already budgeted, so if the contract holder isn't paying the operators, this would just be money in their pocket, right? I'd sure like to know the answer to that one...

Regardless, if you're out in the unincorporated areas of the home county, you won't be able to dump your trash from midday Saturday until Wednesday. So, just know that.

If the time has come where you think it's time to do something else, here's a listing of the private trash pickup services that do business in Newton Co:
Republic Services678-221-4087
Peach State Disposal (offers curbside recycling)