14 May 2017

Sunday Check-in, Mother's Day Edition: Civil Right Violations in the Home County?; Time to Disband GDOT?

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(North Covington * 14 May '17) - Greetings, fantabulous readers, and a special shout-out to all of you wonderful, glorious & marvelous Mothers. We love you ladies; you're simply the best - the top shelf. True Blue!


This publication, along with at least a couple of others, has been researching and investigating what may end becoming a huge story. In March, the Newton Co. Sheriff's office, working in conjunction with at least one federal agency - the DEA, as we're told, but there's a U.S. Marshal involved somehow as well?...), conducted a drug operation here in town.

For starters, this thing was different because of this:

They snagged a mid-level type drug guy, but then they used the contact list on his phone to go after folks UNDERNEATH him - not his dealer.  Yes, you read that right - the opposite of the usual M.O., they decided to spend your taxpayer dollars going after folks wanting to pop a pill or two to , in at least one case that we have firsthand knowledge of, snare a guy trying to soothe his back pain because he couldn't afford to see a doctor or pay for a full month's prescription, which, by the way, the doctor probably wasn't going to give the prescription for anyway. Ain't that America?

Between two snares, approx. 15 folks, most Newton Co. citizens, were arrested and thrown in the slammer. No indictment, no possibility of bail, because, as I've been told by law enforcement sources, the Feds wanted to continue their investigation without these guys being able to get back out on the street. Some of "these guys?" A young father who manages one of the best known bar/restaurants in town. Another? Joe Barr, a 65 yr old Piedmont Bluesman who's as good as gold & wouldn't hurt a flea.

At least the U.S. Government is paying the customary fee to Newton Co. to house these inmates as it is their operation. That should help our Sheriff's budget woes, at least. So...there's that.

But here's the kicker folks - no drugs or cash ever changed hands. No, now, these days, by a real, chincey stretch, they can just use electronic communications of setting the deal up to arrest folks. I'm told from an anonymous source that this is actually a "test case" for the Feds to really try to ramp back up the miserable failure that is the War on Drugs (which, Trump, Sessions, et al are really wanting to ramp up again because it's been such a resounding success.)

Per two other sources, they're trying to go RICO (racketeering), on this case. If so, why is this going through the Alcovy circuit? Why is Madam DA Zon involved? According to another two sources, at least one, if not two, Alcovy Circuit judges said they were not impressed and felt like it was time to drop charges and let these folks go home. But, and this has been confirmed w/ the Clerk of Court's office, these cases will now be on the docket of Judge Benton, the fella out of Walton Co.

And by the way, finally last Friday after multiple reporters had been calling and emailing all kinds of different elected officials and other folks, Madam DA did present a few indictments to her rubber stamp club Grand Jury.


We've seen what can happen if we get the GOV out of the way w/ the I-85 situation. 45 days. Nothing short of incredible, but that's just how the private sector do, you feel us?

And the new bridge on 36 is gonna take a year and a half. The 278 project is going to be 2 to 3 years.

What a f*cking joke!

Okay for now, 'til next time.

Your pal,