05 April 2020

[Fred Wheeler] - A Nightmare Scenario

Oh no,

Over the last several years we have heard bandied about references to the 25th Amendment. I believe it will play an important part in American history, but not as you would expect.

President Trump is in an impossible position. No matter how the Wuhan epidemic plays out he will be blamed for all of the deaths. But, he also will be blamed for the economic depression that the shutdown will cause.

By November, the Democrats and Media will have a large portion of voters believing that Trump was late recognizing the virus for the true risk that it was; he was incompetent in reacting to it; and his overaction of closing down the economy caused all the financial dislocation to so many individual Americans. Additionally, the governors of several Rust Belt states, e.g. Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, using the virus as an excuse,  will allow mail-in ballots. This will allow widespread fraud like vote harvesting. Thus, the Democratic ticket will win in these tossup states giving the Democrats victory. They will also carry the House and the Senate.

Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, will have chosen carefully  between the following for his vice presidential nominee: Elizabeth Warren, Gretchen Whitmer, Amy Klobuchar and Stacey Abrams. It matters little because they all are leftist radicals, but he chooses Abrams because she will help bring back blacks to the Democratic plantation. Trump has been successful in attracting some black support and the Democrats can't allow their dependence on identity politics be undermined.

So, Joe Biden becomes president with Democratic majorities in both houses. By now, Pelosi has retired and Adam Schiff is Speaker of the House. By inauguration time it is quite obvious that Biden is senile. He finds it hard to read a teleprompter and he does not hold press conferences. His press secretary, Jim Acosta, handles all briefings and communications. It's an open secret that a small group of advisors made up of Acosta, Rham Emmanuel, John Kerry and John Brennan actually make policy for the government.

Finally, Biden's inability to carry out his duties is so obvious that Vice President Abrams convenes the cabinet and invokes the 25th Amendment. She becomes president. She selects Bernie Sanders to be vice president.

Even with both houses under Democratic control Biden and Abrams find it difficult to push through their agenda of open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, removal of voter ID laws, single payer medical care, elements of the green new deal and higher taxes. They are able to appoint two justices to the Supreme Court (Eric Holder and Lori Lightfoot) and scores of liberal judges to the federal bench.

In the off-year elections of 2022 the Republicans win a 50-seat majority in the House and  make the Senate 55-45 in their favor. The next two years are pretty much a stalemate. Of course, the big winner is the deep state. But, in 2024 the Republicans sweep the presidency and both houses. They spend the next four years undoing all the damage inflicted on the country by the radical agenda of the Democrats.