19 August 2020

[Perrin Lovett] - The Mustard Seed: Instructions for the Resistance

I wrote another column on the gamboling fun of organized sports entertainment in 2020. In short: it’s not happening, or not happening much, sorry. Be your own sport. Buck the trends and get in shape. There. I may have more on that later. For now, consider the following, which I deemed of greater value:

Perplexed as always, the Disciples asked Jesus to explain what caused their failure in doing that which He did with ease. “He answered, 'Because you have so little faith. In truth I tell you, if your faith is the size of a mustard seed you will say to this mountain, "Move from here to there," and it will move; nothing will be impossible for you.'” Matthew 17:20.

We, all of us, could use a little more faith these days.

One thing leads to another. I was reading a Mary Cuff article at Crisis the other day and, in a very rare move, I clicked on a pop-up ad. And I’m glad I did because it led me to a video presentation by Church Militant featuring Father Paul Kalchik. 

Kalchik is almost a household name in right-wing, traditional, American Catholic households. We, some of us, have followed his titanic battle against the forces of the sodomitical wolves currently at work against both the Church and the Flock. Because of HOAXID-19, it was, of course, a virtual teleconference. Because of his amazing victory, and subsequent lavender mafia retaliation, Kalchik joined the show from a place of hiding. However, there is no hiding the magnitude of his inspirational message.

Part of the missive, which amounts to an hour-long homily of peace, was the above-cited parable about the mustard seed of faith. My thoughts of late, regarding the state of the world and especially the terminal decline of the American nation and the United States, have led me to consider that our main problem is the woeful character of the people. I summed it up to myself as people being both wicked and stupid. One is bad enough on its own; together they are a dreadful combination as one amplifies the other. We see the results all around us: a people, barely surviving, who almost gleefully play the fool’s part in accepting hoaxes, lies, degradations, and disaster, all wrought by the same usual suspects who have lied to, robbed, and murdered humanity for centuries. 

Father Kalchik sees all of this too. He takes a calmer, more reflective approach to it than some (not looking at your author, no...). He names the problem and those behind it. Call them globalists, globopedos, the illuminati, fear-mongers, or whatever you will, they are only the dark one and his loathsome servants. It really is that simple. And, Father K. offers a surprisingly simple solution for us: Faith and Prayer. Well, those simplicities along with a healthy dose of RESISTANCE, which is the title of CM’s conference.

He gives concrete steps anyone can take to fight the forces of hell. It’s all bound by faith in Jesus Christ. It takes strength through prayer. And it moves through calm questioning, learning, and action

Due to his own circumstances, he’s understandably taken with the technology of encryption. I do wonder about his suggested “digital catacombs.” Have we come that far, or retreated that far? Perhaps. You be the judge once you’ve seen or heard the message in full.

Along the way, in the presentation, Father tells some of his own backstories. He adds a great quote from the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen about not going with the flow: “dead bodies float downstream.” He also discounts just a select few of the more recent hoaxes set into motion by the luciferians, including:

The general uselessness of the tacky popular culture;
Y2K (I’d forgotten about that!);
Global Warming;
Climate Change;
White Guilt;
LGBT+P; and
Corona hype and hysteria.

Again, he only chose a few and only those from the more recent decades of memory. In every case, all cases, it is the same evil at work.

His ultimate point is that, eternally, evil cannot win. Without our consent and participation, it really can do little more than annoy us who are in the world but not of it. Still, a certain Carpenter told us to take care of business until He returns. We have a solemn obligation to resist. That’s where so many of us - at times, all of us - fail. Fortunately, inspirationally, the fix is as small as the mustard seed. It’s high time to move some mountains.

Please take an hour out of your busy, locked-down, masked lives and watch the following (or, as I did, listen to it while doing something else):

Fr. Kalchik, CM, June 2020.

Furthermore, kindly pray for Fr. Kalchik. For a brief explanation of why he’s “on the run,” please read THIS and THIS. In summary, he took a page from the Lord and Saint Paul and mortally angered the sodomite usurpers by burning one of their sacrilegious artifacts. In a (perhaps distantly) forthcoming novel, I have a heroic character based on Kalchik. In a literal world that frequently out-shocks the most dystopian fiction, it’s good that we have real characters, real heroes, like him. 

Now, all, please acquire the seeds, and move those mountains.
- Perrin Lovett