01 August 2020

TPC Monthly Report - July 2020

Hey, guys!

Hope it's good out there.

Well, as you may have noticed, I haven't done one of these monthly reports in...I don't know...about 3 or 4 months?

And I've got a good reason for that...

I was lazy, and, maybe a little drunk?

Actually, in addition to the aforementioned, I've also been busier than a stereo shop after a federal government stimulus package.

Bah dum duh dah

(((thank you, thank you! remember to tip your server!)))

But seriously, please know that I haven't done one of these lately, perhaps out of pure sheer shame, maybe for the lack of pageviews; however, honestly -  the numbers have been surprisingly impressive for this past month, especially based on the level of output lately...


TPC's July of 2020

Believe it or not, July of 2020 saw the most page-views for TPC in over 3 months! Despite only --10 POSTS-- in the month of July, the number of views at the ole website for this past particular month was higher then either April, May or June.

How, or why, did that happen?

Good question!

I know not!


In the words of OutKast:

^!&&@$ in da point ain't changed

And what else can you say?


Your Friend,

MB McCart