12 August 2020

Perrin Lovett's CF Floyd Feature Column of National Affairs: bak 2 skooL

 It’s good to be back! Things are great, though I lost my best pigeon in the search for MB. Anyway,

The other day, I ventured into the supermarket, a trip much like a 1950’s sci-fi movie about a spaceman visiting a strange, alien planet populated by masked, obese, mentally-ill Martians. After I informed the store’s masked Staatssicherheit henchman about the $92,383 fine for violating “my rights” under the ADA (thanks for the ammo, 41, liberals!), I was freed to shop sans the feminine face diaper. It was then, on my way to where the small potatoes waited in their little net bag, that I saw a Back To School! display. 

It was much like the colorful cardboard presentations I used to see when I was a small child, back in the dark Stone Age, before progress gifted us enlightened concepts like retarded millionaires kneeling and caterwauling about fantasy nonsense before commencing a child’s game in an empty stadium in a country gone utterly insane. Something was different. Hell! Everything is different here on Planet Woke-369. But, I meant something different about the display. There wasn’t much on sale. I figured that maybe, like toilet paper, the total collapse of the economy because of the failure of central banking, er, because of the virus(!) had caused some shortages. Regardless, two packs of notebook paper and six pencils won’t go very far, even in the age of post-literacy.

Then, I realized that there can’t be, as of yet, much emphasis on sending the kiddos back to the communist child-rape factories as nobody is certain how “education” will play out this year - because of the virus! With millions of children and their parents in a state of suspended educational animation (because of the virus!), it’s time once again to look into the schools. What a view...

If trends, regressions, and R-factors are to be trusted, then we can calculate that all things academic will continue to slide as they have for the past several generations. This exists independently of any chest cold or other idiotic sham. Just when one thinks the manure can’t get any deeper, it does. The schools suck. 

Yet and still, once again we are treated to mindless drivel about how important it is to ship the children off to prisons where they are lied to, dumbed-down, depressed, drugged, and molested. It’s very important if one thinks about it from the point of view of satanists. But the Coronoahoax complicates these critical considerations, critically.

A recent poll boasts that four out of five parents are considering homeschooling little Jill and little Johnny (I know those names are a little too Ameri-centric for the times, but I can’t pronounce, let alone write the new Not-American Q^namez, at least not in English). There’s more, but I can sum the findings like this: “blah, blah, blah, we do whut we tolt.” If skool fo fool, then the average dumbshit Amerikan will continue to get exactly what he deserves.

IQ matters, individually and societally. The Post-American US average clings somewhere around 92 (WAIS) on its fall towards the dull basement of imbecility. The entirety of 2020, with the ready acceptance by the masses of hoax after hoax after lie after lie, has given me a terrible thought. Wickedness, deviance, and hedonism, we know, depress innate cognitive abilities. What if HOAXID-BLM Amerika has crossed the collective tipping point below 90, the median score under which the guarantee of civilized order evaporates? If that has happened, then I might as well write a column about how things like your next election do not matter at all. Scary stuff.

But, back to precious children that the dumbshits can’t be bothered with.

Knowing the home county crowd like I don’t, I checked with the Newton counTy skoolz weedsight. It said something about the churin reporting virtually on September 8th. This virtual tragedy sounds virtually like the old system of starting school after Labor Day, which is an American tradition, and thus “racist.” I would point that uncomfortable fact out to the skuu bored, but I don’t speak to idiots. Also, C-town, for a cold chill, consult your local 2019 Census estimates and concurrent GA Department of Education d-word stats. You’re welcome.

Skoolz havz already started in some jurisdictions! In defiance of the national polls, in wayward Columbia County, Georgia, around 80 percent of parents are content to send their children back to the intellectual death camps. This complete statistical reversal from what the polled parents said shows what they mean. This is likely the rule and not an exception. Of course, they’ll keep the kids in place even as the “virus” cases mount in the skoolz, only taking them back when or if someone in authority says so. Sheep think and act like that.

The confusion struck hard elsewhere in the dead state of Georgia, in Paulding County. Leaked photos shot by students showed a noticeable lack of the sacred face burqas and a conspicuous lack of anti-social distancing. Then came the alleged WuFLu cases and a hasty dismissal. They manage epidemics as well as they do algebra classes. By the way, as one looks at the high skool hallway pictures from the AJC article, one gets a great look at all that happy, healthy socialization that the pro-skoolerz always babble about in poor rebuttal to the idea of literal learning. Yeah! Don’t they all look so happy!

And, they should be! They’re in a goddamned concentration camp where they’re treated worse than prisoners of war. To that sad end, at least one student who blew the pictorial whistle on the skool’z hypocrisy was suspended for showing the comatose publik what’s happening down at the little skool houze. That student’s mother challenged the suspension with apparent success. Still, the mother should be locked up for child abuse for sending her daughter to such a hellhole in the first place.

Everybody Loved “THE LETTER PEOPLE” On PBS

Around the nation-shaped kind of place, some skoolz are open (kind of), while others wait in anxious anticipation of something they cannot explain. The colleges, by and large, have opted for online “instruction” at least for the fall term. We all wring our hands over the looming fate of NAACP fBS BLM-ball. All over the place, teachers are protesting the autumn session because they do not want to work, or, excuse me, because they care so much.

Under the surface, subconsciously, almost everybody knows that the skoolz are a failed, pathetic joke. Yet and still, in some vacuous, Boomercon, Civnat haze of delusion, they expect the status quo to magically fix itself. It won’t because it can’t. Public schools are luciferian in nature, and nothing of the father of lies will ever be true, honest, or good.

There’s more about the publik shuuls, but enough. Parents should also beware of many of the private academies, especially the “Christian” ones. Watch the video at THIS LINK.

I attended that private, Chrisitan academy an age ago. I’ve defended it against idiotic smears of “racism” and integration agitation. I’m not deliberately casting aspersions. They mean well, I know. However, when the little warhorse perpetually got out of line, Mr. Logan, Coach Brown, Coach Peay, Mrs. Springer, Mrs. Williams, and so many others didn’t hesitate to apply the board of education. I’m just lovingly returning the favor. This hurts me more than it does you. That video looks like child abuse, and not exactly like an institution with even a mustard seed’s Faith in Jesus Christ. Do not send your children to any skool, publik or private, that insists on hoax masking. The masks do nothing unless to induce hypercapnic hypoxia or other ailments. 

So, what do we do? I have no damned idea. None at all. If only someone would write several hundred articles, some at this very outlet, and a book about education and alternatives! The same guy might also create a special website with dozens of resources for classical, home, and “un” schooling. But, no one has or, I guess, will. Doom. Black pill. Embrace the giant Brazillian barrio of the dark, ignorant, and violent future. 

What to do? The schools are worse than useless, now serving to destroy rather than educate or even indoctrinate. We should close them permanently. If we cannot do that, then we should ensure that no child is forced to endure the cauldrons of putridity. Homeschool, unschool, or just be ignorant; any option is better. Let’s make Alice Cooper’s old lyrics come true:

School's out forever!