08 December 2020

MB, Your Man on the Scene: Signs (Another One Bites The Dust), Scents & Suffering Succotash!

 Well friends, my prediction was pretty much right on the money. Another road sign on Hwy 278 has met its demise. We all knew it was coming; we knew it was just a matter of time. 

I still can't help to wonder if possible GDOT design flaws are playing a role in all of this? 

Time for the 8th or 9th try



General Mills

They've been here for a while, haven't they? By all accounts, a good company that treats their folks pretty right.

And, when the air is just right, you can smell those delicious Cinnamon Toast Crunches, Cheerios & maybe some of those other cereals they make over there. 

It's real nice... 


We're inching ever closer & closer to December 23rd, the date in which Yours Truly releases his annual Airing of Grievances in this space. A multi-year tradition that many have expressed their utmost appreciation & enjoyment of, it truly is my pleasure. And folks, trust me, this year's gonna be epic. 

Here's a bit of a sneak-peek. 

Let's talk Fleeta -- Fleeta Smith Baggett, that is. 

I've had at least a couple of folks apologize to me for having supported her candidacy a year ago. One of them (and one of the network chiefs, mind you) actually said something to the effect of -- "I still can't figure out what happened? I always hated her, but somehow her [siren call*] made me lose all good sense..."

Yep, that can happen sometimes. Naturally, it's all Fleeta's fault.  

Personally, at this point, I don't see her making it through a full term. What, with the way she's been acting lately & how she's been lashing out on FB? I just don't see it happening. I mean, God Bless her & all, and some of us are really pulling for her, but...I just don't know. 

As always, thx for reading. Until next time, 

- MBM 

*Ed. artistic license