29 December 2020

TPC's Top 15 of 2020

 Howdy, Readers. Hope all is well out there. 

Well, all in all & considering, it's been a good year for the ole publication, certainly an interesting one. 

Without any further ado, here are the Top 15 most read TPC pieces of the year 2020: 

15. Fred Wheeler -- A Nightmare Scenario 

14. MB McCart: Thoughts on the Covington Square Monument 

13. Ellis Millsaps: A Paean to White Boys

12. A Moment from MB: Just When I Thought I Was Out... 

11. Perrin Lovett: Shelter in Place or the Terrorists Virus Wins  

10. Kayla Leasure:
TPC Food Review -- The Social Goat

Kayla La'sure

9. Jerry Jeff Walker is Dead & I Ain't Feelin' Too Good Myself... 

8. Ryan Ralston: The Broken Window 

7. A Moment from MB: The Chairman's No Good, Very Bad Week 

6. TPC REAL Politick: The Morning After 

5. Ryan Ralston: Two Queries

4. Kayla's Corner: Bradley's BBQ 

3. Bess Tuggle: Major Concerns About Cousins 

2. Ryan Ralston: With Almost Surgical Precision 

1. TPC News Break: 1st Reported Case of Covid in the Home County 


Honorable Mention (an extremely close #16) 

RIP, Ron Kimble

The One & Only -- Ron Kimble

- MBM 

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