11 April 2021

A Letter to the Editor From the Editor

 To Whom It May Concern, 

Well, first off, we might need to change the sign from Gone Fishin' Golfin' (&/or Playin' Music) to: 

Still Golfin' (&/or Playin' Music) 


But how 'bout this edition of The Masters? 

A Tradition Unlike Any Other
I'm not exactly sure why, though I think it probably had something to do w/ my recent return to the game, but I watched more of this year's Masters than I have in about 10 years time.
And actually it was exactly 10 years ago when I remember seeing Hideki Maysuyama crowned as the Amateur Champ, the year Schwartzel played probably the best nine of his life to win the Green Jacket.
But back to this year's edition - it was really something to watch.
Yes, it's true, this was the first time a Japanese golfer won one of golf's majors - let alone the greatest golf tournament on Earth - but it was even more than that somehow.
By all accounts, Hideki is just good people & I'm so happy for him.
It really was something...

Yes, it really was. 

P.S. It wasn't just all golfing & playing music, your semi-esteemed Editor has been working on formatting Da's novel & getting it ready for publication as well as getting back to our roots & working on some pieces on local history & lore. So stay tuned for that.