18 April 2021

Quick REAL Politick Check-In: Newton GOP Headin' to Canaan; SonG Alliance Crowd et al Allegedly Showed Posterior, to Possibly Appeal

 It was convention time for the GOP in the home county yesterday & by all accounts it was quite the thing. 

The Establishment never offered a slate (as I understand they were all pretty much over it & were wanting something possibly positive to happen) so therefore it was between the Canaan Crowd & the SonG/Fleeta (& LeAnn...?) alliance. 

As I've been predicting for 12 yrs now, it -purportedly- completely came down to the Tweeners (the in betweeners/middle crowd), all two of them, supposedly. 

The margin of the final vote?

2 votes... 

Multiple accounts reported of the losing side showing their backside in a very, very major way. 



Look for an extended report on this w/in the next several days.




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  1. Still Tricks being played, adding names, names missing that were in attendance, signature sheets being taken out of meeting/building to parking lot. Those that were in power breaking state Rep. party rules and coaching the Canaan group who have no idea what they are doing other than listening to bad advice ..... So again, the Newton Republican Party will simply be RINO's again, who's continued agenda is to limit Republican Party growth to help the Democratic party flourish. Showing their backsides? If pointing out major rule breaking is considered showing your backside, this county needs much more of pointing out when the state party rules are being twisted and broken. Even a Liberation should agree with that!


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