18 April 2021

Quick REAL Politick Check-In: Newton GOP Headin' to Canaan; SonG Alliance Crowd et al Allegedly Showed Posterior, to Possibly Appeal

 It was convention time for the GOP in the home county yesterday & by all accounts it was quite the thing. 

The Establishment never offered a slate (as I understand they were all pretty much over it & were wanting something possibly positive to happen) so therefore it was between the Canaan Crowd & the SonG/Fleeta (& LeAnn...?) alliance. 

As I've been predicting for 12 yrs now, it -purportedly- completely came down to the Tweeners (the in betweeners/middle crowd), all two of them, supposedly. 

The margin of the final vote?

2 votes... 

Multiple accounts reported of the losing side showing their backside in a very, very major way. 



Look for an extended report on this w/in the next several days.