28 August 2021

Continuing Drama w/ the Newton BOC: Potential Power Play in re In-House County Attorney Hire?

 By MB McCart, Ed. 

Howdy, Folks & we sure hope this post finds you well. 

Going back almost 15 years - back when Bobby Sigman famously dropped that huge stack of Wm Thomas "Tommy" Craig invoices on the table in the Historic Covington Courthouse - there has been a major clamoring for getting rid of outside legal counsel & saving money by moving to an in-house legal department (and really it goes back over two decades). 

Well, finally, after such a long time & so much money wasted, that has finally become a reality for the home county. 

That's the good news. 

The bad news, per a source w/ direct, inside knowledge, is as follows: 

You  may have already figured out that the short term contract offered to Megan Martin to be our county attorney is not a genuine offer made in good faith. A six month contract is out of the question for an experienced professional who has been working in this very position for 5 years. Her competency is well established so there is no valid reason to test her further with a short term employment offer.  It seems unlikely that Ms. Martin will accept such a questionable contract. Why would she leave the Jarrard and Davis firm for a short term contract with an unstable county  government?

So, what's the real story?  The three BOC members that nixed a genuine contract for the short term one in order to eventually hire someone else. As you know, Sanders has an ongoing conflict with Ms. Martin over the cease and desist order.  
Sanders, Henderson and Mason's  goal is to hire an African-American attorney with little concern about who would best serve the county. If experience and competency are the primary requirements, Ms. Martin is the best candidate and would be offered a typical long term contract with annual evaluations. The county attorney position is the first one they want to replace with a minority person.  As I understand it, the county manager and development services director are also on their list to be replaced.

Commissioners Mason, Henderson and Sanders need to be thoroughly questioned about their real motive in making this sham offer to Ms. Martin...

...[this is a] bad faith offer to Megan Martin. If we don't protest this kind of behavior by our democrat BOC members, we can get ready for more of the same from them. 

Megan Martin
By many accounts a keen legal mind & a very good person

Starting up an in-house legal department - complete w/ having to staff it - on just a 6-month contract? That is such a bad move AND look for Newton Co. It seems pretty obvious that none of these Commissioners have the business background or experience to make decisions such as these & that's really just too bad. 

Also, according to multiple folks I've talked w/, at least a part of this comes down to old-fashioned racism - that these members of the BOC simply don't like Ms. Martin's skin color

But more disturbing than all of that is this: 

According to one direct, inside source. A member of Alana Sanders inner circle (armed w/ confidential personnel information) reached out to Jarrard & Davis to tell them that Ms. Martin had applied to be the Newton Co. Attorney which led to major problems & likely led to this 3-person BOC majority knowing they had some leverage. 

If this is true - which I very much think it is -  I think it's absolutely despicable. Power for power's sake & to hell w/ everything else (and being racist as well). If this is indeed the case, then Commissioner Sanders is clearly guilty of a major ethics violation. 

Just beyond the pale... 

Yours Sadly & Angrily, 

MB McCart 


  1. All true. AND my sources tell me that the email was followed up by a Phone Call from Sanders to Jarrard & Davis to tell them that Attorney Martin had applied. If Sanders has any money, I sure hope Ms. Martin sues to get it!

    1. For her being fired? She breech her contract and was in the wrong so that ok? Sounds like you are one sided and just don't like Commissioner Sanders? Who told you this woman called to get her fired? Stop making up stuff.

    2. Keep on Commissioner Sanders going to sue you for defamation of character and stalking charges. You are opening yourself up for a lawsuit. My suggestion is you stop what you doing because it's looking like hatred.

    3. Yeah, Tracey, it doesn't work that way.

  2. Hi, this is Megan Martin. I have not been fired from anything, there are no employment contracts at Jarrard & Davis. I'm still employed there today. Yes, two individuals contacted my senior partner. He laughed at the craziness after googling the two parties. Please stop the spread of malicious rumors.

  3. Megan Martin is as good as they come and a very good lawyer. The legal fees in newton are not due to the law firm. They are due to high demand and mistakes by the government which leads to lawsuits and demand for high legal services. You do not fix legal fees until you fix the board. Fixing the board is the job of the voters. I personally do not believe newton county can be fixed at this point. To far gone. Hugh mistake in changing the charter putting two people in charge of running the county. That has never worked in any system.

  4. Somebody or bodies has to come to their senses and gain control of this county government. We are the laughing stock of Georgia with all the bad press coverage. This infighting between commissioners hurts the taxpayers more than anyone. Anyone that is elected commissioner or hired as county manager or department heads should know enough about the law to not create situations that lead to lawsuits, investigations and high legal fees. Our millage should be under 9 mills in this county right now if expenses were not created by all this nonsense that is put out in the open and has to be handled in some way with legal fees. Any commissioner or manager that can not talk privately with other commissioners to handle problems should do the taxpayers a favor and quit.

  5. Based on my information it is confirmed that both Alana Sanders & Denise Williams did indeed contact Jarrard & Davis about Ms. Martin applying for the Newton Co County Atty position.

    This looks to put Alana Sanders in quite possibly a precarious situation & definitely paints her in a extremely negative light, no matter the color of your skin.


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