01 September 2021

CFF Feature Column of Affairs National by MB McCart: Talkin' 'Rona; Biden's Racism & Steep Mental Decline; Odds & Ends

 Welcome Fearless Piedmonteers & I hope this post finds you well. 

This is the first CFF (CF Floyd) column in over two weeks & is the first one in its entire 3+ year existence that was not authored by TPC Contributor Perrin Lovett. In a previous column I mentioned to you that Perrin was relinquishing this recurring piece to be able to concentrate on his other endeavors. But fear not! The CFF lives on, to be authored - at least temporarily - by your lovable & erstwhile semi-esteemed Editor. So w/out any further ado, away we go. 


Our long national nightmare continues into its 19th month w/ no end in sight. 

The big news here lately of course is the dreaded Delta variant, which does seem to be much more transmissible, that has caused quite the large amount of hand-wringing & consternation amongst many, and - just like clockwork - has been seized upon many a governmental entity to erode Freedom & enforce compliance in the name of saaaaaaafety & control. 

New York City, San Francisco & other cities are mandating its citizens to be vaccinated or else be treated as a second class citizens. As has been previously stated & widely disseminated by many, this will adversely impact black folks & other persons of color which, considering these types of tyrannical elites who are issuing these edicts, is probably the point.  Because, you know, they're really f*ckin' racist & all. 

However, the narrative is starting to fall apart. Harvard Epidemiologist (not just your run-of-the-mill internet kook) Martin Kulldorff has just released a study showing that natural immunity is way more effective than the current non-traditional & non-sterilizing mRNA vaccines. 

Mr. Kulldorff also had this to say: 

Prior COVID disease (many working class) provides better immunity than vaccines (many professionals), so vaccine mandates are not only scientific nonsense, they are also discriminatory and unethical.

Even mainstream media outlets are starting to hedge their bets at this point. 

But just remember, in Maryland 100% of the hospitalized are unvaccinated according to their Governor from a few days ago. Fauci's infamous 99.4% (or was it 99.2%?) has been thoroughly discredited & now the CDC itself is saying the number is more like 75%.

Also, remember this: miraculously, after existing for thousands of years, the Flu is gone! It's just totally gone. Wow. That's incredible. 

And as many have been questioning - this writer included - why is the rest of the world reporting completely different numbers? Wouldn't have anything to do w/ the CDC no longer counting most breakthrough cases, would it? Would it have anything to do w/ the USSA unholy alliance of Big Pharma, Big GOV, Big Insurance, Big Media, Big Bank$ters, Big Tech? 

What? I'm just askin'...

And to keep things in perspective, here's the latest COVID Death Tracker straight from the CDC: 

While certainly an uptick here the last couple weeks, the death rates are way, way lower than the infection & hospitalization rates, perhaps due to the fact that several feel that while the Delta variant is more transmissible, it is less lethal, and too, logic would dictate & at least anecdotal evidence would suggest, that the treatment for this virus has perhaps become more effective. Either way -- the sky isn't falling. Remember that when these power hungry sociopaths keep doing what they do. 

I think it's like from the movie, The Matrix: the problem is the choice. 

Why is Joe Biden So Damn Racist? 

Well, what else would you expect from someone who opposed integrated busing, referred to black neighborhoods as "jungles" & was the proud disciple of a Klan leader (all incontrovertible fact, btw)? 

But seriously, our Racist-in-Chief just apparently can't help himself. He hates the blacks. Referring to a 47-yr old black man as "boy" just two days ago & all of the other prejudiced things he's said lately. And w/ no backlash from the legacy media or the BLM/Rainbow-Push types, it just adds further credence to the idea that there are most assuredly double standards when it comes to this type of thing. If you can't admit that, you are well trained in the arts of tardedtry. 

As to his cognitive issues, well... 

- A former Congressman from Iowa who knew Joe Biden writes an op-ed in which he implores the POTUS to have cognitive testing done - "Joe Biden isn't the person I knew in Congress." 

-  1600 Pennsylvania Ave: Biden's Assisted-Living Facility 

-  It's so obvious now even the foreign press is getting in on the action. 

In Closing

I'd love to tell you that this will be a weekly feature, but...well, you know. 

I'm going to do my level best to at least get this out at least every other week when possible. 

Thanks for reading,