12 October 2021

Ellis Millsaps: Backtalk

 Glad to see that with his October 6 post MBM is back to talking about something he knows something about because his previous” Spartacus” post, aside from being nonsense, borders on being dangerous nonsense.

 What's wrong with Spartacus and those who channel it?

1) He, she or it is anonymous. If you are one who is filled with all this medical/ scientific knowledge that proves that everything we know is wrong, why wouldn't you want your name on it? Afraid of losing some job? The Nobel Prize for medicine would more than cover that. I will not be surprised if we learn that this is a Russian misinformation scam.

2) The website Marshall doesn't give you because it eviscerates Sparty is newswise.com. Check it out. It's notable that this is the only reputable site that even bothers to give such nonsense the dignity of a rebuttal. If you want credible information on covid go to WebMD. They are knowledgeable people who have no political slant I can see.

3)  Neither Sparty nor Marshall mention that over 90% of covid hospital admissions and nearly all of the deaths are unvaccinated people. This is a fact. If you don't recognize this it's because for perverse political reasons you don't want to. (Ed. note: source?)

4)  Marshall's “multitude of young people” with serious reactions to the vaccine are 4% of teenage boys. The reaction is a quite serious swelling of the heart which they are six times more likely to experience if they contract covid. Again, check it out at WebMD.

5)  MBM and his anonymous buddy say that natural immunity is more effective than vaccination. Well, duh, we suspected this for a long time before it's confirmation by an Israeli study. But Marshall and Sparty fail to mention that the only way you can get natural immunity is by living through a covid infection. It falls under the” kids don't try this at home” heading. Again, covid is way more likely to kill you or give you lingering debilities than the usually non-existent or minor reactions to the vaccinations.

 I say this stuff is potentially dangerous but I suspect that the vast majority of people who purport to believe this nonsense already believed it and we're just waiting for more conspiracy bullshit to confirm them. Remember, to work for Fox News you are mandated to be vaccinated or have daily testing done.  Fox, the source of much antivax propaganda, imposed this mandate before the president recommended it. 

- Ellis Millsaps