21 March 2023

Kayla's Corner: Hello Again!

 Hello everyone! Oh how I've missed you all! A lot has happened with me since I last wrote, I bet a lot has happened with you too! Hope you've been enjoying life. Speaking of enjoying life, I'll be trying to post some fun happenings at least once a month here on Kayla's corner. So keep a lookout 

After all, that's what life is all about right? Enjoyment, entertainment, and experiences! In life, I think we are meant to enjoy all that the world and good people have to offer, to experience things we've never dreamed of, to watch and admire the entertainment we have built for ourselves... What a wonderful world it is.

My, My, how Covington is growing. I'm excited yet nervous! Excited about the new food and businesses that are soon to pop up, however I'm nervous about the traffic to come and if the county is prepared for the large increase in citizens. Guess we'll see . Haha.

One thing to always remember is that the trees provide oxygen and we need oxygen to live, so plant a tree!

See y'all in April 

- Kayla 

Kayla's Corner - Keeping an Eye on Covington