02 March 2023

The Music Minute, 3/2/23: Featured Artist - Shane Clark; Who's playing Where & When

 Greetings, Music Lovers, and welcome back to the first Music Minute in...well, a minute (or over a year). 

W/ the relaunch of TPC (has this happened before...?), I'd decided that music was going to be definitely at the forefront of the ole site once again & we're all real thrilled for it! 

W/out any further ado. 


Shane Clark

I first met Shane about 7 years ago. I immediately liked him. He's one of those guys that's wired just a little bit different. Marches to his own beat, if you will. Unique. A character. I can really appreciate that because I am - in a very different way - the exact same way. 

I believe I first interviewed Shane in late 2016, if memory serves, and did a feature piece on him at my old column at that other paper & later wrote about him here in the space a few times. Shane was very active for several years & then took a bit of a break. But now he's all-in full-steam ahead & is basically doing music full time now (more on that in just a bit). 

For starters, he's an incredible singer. Really, just a great, great voice. He's also a pretty darn good guitar picker & really puts on a helluva show w/ a great mix: Alt-Rock, Classic Rock, Country, Grunge & Southern Rock. He's even got a couple of R&B & Rap covers he does. He's added a few numbers from Whiskey Myers, too! 

His repertoire has greatly expanded. He's now got approx 10 hours worth of material. Also, he's a sound engineer & just put the finishing touches on a top-notch home studio. That's going to come in handy as he's about to commence work on a new album of original material. 

Shane got married not too long back & his lovely wife is now his full-time manager. Right now it's looking as if they are averaging around 2-3 shows per week that's about to go to more like 4-5. They've really grown their footprint. In addition to the local area, Shane's playing Monroe, Social Circle, Lilburn, Loganville, Jackson, McDonough, Winder & multiple other markets. They're even working on setting up a couple of mini-tours for the summer including possibly one all the way up in the midwest states. 

It's a very exciting time & I'm so happy for & proud of him. As we discussed, being on stage playing & singing music is Shane Clark's natural state. Good on 'em! 

So, one might be asking, where can we see this talented guy? 

He's got a weekly residency at Tacos N Beer in Monroe every Thursday from 5:30 - 9pm. So  that means you can go get you some tacos & see him tonight

On Sunday the 5th he'll be at Boondocks in Loganville from 3-6pm. 

He also does an every-other-Friday show at Willy's in Social Circle. He'll be there next Friday the 10th & then he'll be at Southern Roots in McDonough on the 16th of this month & will be a Vintage Tavern after that. 

You can keep up w/ his schedule at his FB page


 - WHO'S PLAYING WHERE & WHEN (A is playing at B at / After Hours) -

Tonight! Thursday March 2nd & Five O'Clock - Karaoke w/ Melissa 

Hosted by the one & only Melissa Nash. This is always a great time! 

Friday March 3rd @ Amici - HIGH CHARITY 

These guys have been at it since back in the day. Actually shared a couple of bills in Athens w/ them w/ a band I was in at the time years ago. Great mix. Great skill. Stumble on by & get some of the famous Ranch dressing & check out the righteous dudes. 

Friday March 3rd @ Tin Plate - KARAOKE NIGHT 

Every Friday night you can show off your own vocal chops over at Tin Plate in Circle of Social. This place has some great burgers & an impressive beer selection. 

Friday March 3rd @ Five O'Clock Bar & Grill - Monkey Wrench 

Always a great time at The Five. The home city's premier live music destination. Monkey Wrench by all accounts always tears it up. Great food, of course, and a great selection of spirits.  

Saturday March 4th @ Social Goat - Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Band 

*$10 Cover Charge 


Remember - live music at Five O'Clock BOTH weekend nights every week & most Sunday afternoons. 

W/in C-Town, Conyers, Mansfield, Monroe, Newborn & Social Circle were are now back up to well over a dozen venues w/in about a 25 mile radius of the home city doing live music again! After a bit of a lull for a couple of years we are pretty much back to our high water mark that we saw back in 2017/18. Very exciting times for music lovers. 

Look for this as a recurring piece most Thursdays. 

Stay Thirsty, My Friends! 

MB McCart 

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