26 June 2015

[TPC] - Friday Night Check-in - Lots of Moving Parts, Much Coming Down the Pike

The Piedmont Chronicles

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[State of Georgia]

[Newton County]

  • In re the Newton County GOP - a "private event" tonight at the Holiday Inn where GA GOP Chair John Padgett, State Rep. Dave Belton, and others attended. A private event paid for by the Newton County GOP? An event where upwards of 20 dues-paying members were not allowed and the cops were called. Growing the party? Winning the hearts and minds? Also, questions about past actions of some of the current members of the Newton GOP executive committee. Back to tonight. Per multiple sources, they are on video telling the police officer that while the Newton GOP was hosting it and paid for it, private individuals were going to pay the party back so therefore it was a "private event." Wow...I'm planning on touching base with Padgett and Belton first thing next week to get their thoughts. DEVELOPING... 
  • Landfill: Green Hill not dead yet? Ministers Union now supporting the amended proposition? We know at least one member of the Spring Hill Community has been on the Green Hill P3 payroll. There are many, many questions that have to be answered on this one. We'll agree with many who are saying that this doesn't seem to pass the smell test. DEVELOPING... 
  • The Newton County Budget. Taxes are going UP, UP, UP! 
  • Multiple write-ups by contributing writer Ellis Millsaps have been submitted. I've got to get it in to gear and get those up soon. 
Lots of moving parts. Stay tuned...