15 June 2015

[TPC] - Monday Night Update

The Piedmont Chronicles

~ est. 2010 ~

[State of Georgia]

[Newton County]

Greetings, Readers.
Hope all is well out there in the Georgia Piedmont.

A few things to tell you about this evening:

~ The long-awaited write-up about Porterdale, GA by contributing writer Ellis Millsaps will be hitting the stands tomorrow. If you missed his reminiscing  of Mansfield, you should definitely check it out. An introductory piece about his new home, that lovely mill village, is very good. So check back tomorrow... 

~ The Newton Co. BOC will be meeting tomorrow night, and since they haven't posted the agenda or updated their webpage in any way, only the worst can be assumed. It's looking likely they will be raising property taxes once again. Why? That's, as we understand it, because of a variety of factors:

- The Covington Way

- Tommy Craig's continued mind-control and/or any dirt he may or may not have on all of them. 
- They hate Newton County. And America. And puppies, and old folks.
Who knows?

~ My "Conversation with the Chairman" piece from last Thursday actually became my most read piece of the last month. I had many people tell me how much they enjoyed it, and a few folks let me know that they thought I was lobbing softballs and being too easy on ole Keith. I basically just took notes on our conversation and then posted them. That's it. I feel that an ongoing dialogue between myself and our elected officials could be a good thing for Newton Co. I plan on talking to Keith again and publishing it. I extend that offer to all public officials of Newton County, the city of Covington, or any other municipality within the county.

'Til next time...