07 June 2015

[TPC] - The Sunday Edition: 7 June 2015

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The Sunday Edition: 7 June 2015

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Local Politics

Where to start? That's a good question. How about the purchasing policy committee. Why on God's green earth is Junior Hilliard on that thing? That is so unacceptable, and people wonder why we have a problem around here. He has the contract on the recycling centers that have been one of the biggest drains on our budget. Conflict of interest. End of story. The committee has the authority, as I understand it, to remove him. But...they don't. Nor will they. Because, Covington Way. 

Next. The Landfill. A book could end up being written just about this one moving part. As we've discussed before, it's just a hot mess. The good news is that I think the BOC knows that this just simply can't happen. There's too much public support against it. And I don't know about y'all, but I think it's time for that smooth operator to just ease on down the road. But the citizenry, obviously, has to remain vigilant on this one. We could solve so many problems by really studying on going with Pratt Industries. That seems like a no-brainer, really. 

The Library. A million dollars to do the HVAC system. How many bids did we get on that one? As I'm told, an ORR has already been submitted to figure this out. Newton Co. is on the verge of financial ruin, and we're going to do this. Seriously? And look - the Library is vital and so important and has been thrown under the bus time and time again by this board and the previous ones. All the more reason to sell it to the City of Covington, in my estimation. 

Bear Creek. I always think about that guy that tried to hold out. To keep his home down there in the Henderson Mill Rd community. Just wanted to stay on his land. Basically, he had to leave under the force of a gun - let's not sugar coat it, that's police power - and for what? What a terrible disgrace. And why were those levels being kept purposefully low on Lake Varner again? That's a question that needs answering. 

Also, the Newton Co. BOC voted 3-2 to settle the wrongful termination suit with William Durden for $45,000. It has been mentioned that the county has spent upwards of $200,000 dollars on legal fees for this case when they could have settled for $42,000 two years ago. See: Covington Way. 
Tommy Craig. I can't even...not today. 

The hospital and the budget? Mentioned those yesterdayBasically everything is terrible...

State & National 

Don't really have much on state.

National - Rand Paul, for the win. Again. And again

Music, Art & Culture

~ The supremely talented Hannah Thomas played a local show in Porterdale Friday night at Dirty Dogs. This hometown girls has been on fire - playing all over America and even opening for The Indigo Girls on a recent tour. By all accounts, the show went great.

~ The Newton County Music Scene has really expanded these days. You can catch a lot of music all over. Here are some regular venues: 

  • Amici Covington. Live music on Friday nights. 
  • The Social House. Porterdale, GA. Live music usually on both Friday and Saturday nights. 
  • The Mystic Grill. I believe they do stuff on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
  • The aforementioned Dirty Dogs Cafe in Porterdale. I'm actually playing there soon with one of my projects. 
  • Millazo's Italian Restaurant. Live music the third Thursday of the month. 
  • And several others.
In addition to so many outstanding musicians, Newton Co. has as absolute plethora of artists. I've featured Cindy Murphy before, and here are three other amazing talents whose work can be found at the Southern Heartland Art Gallery on the Covington Square: 

There are so many great places to eat in Covington and Newton, Co. Townhouse Cafe, Woods-McKay, Amici, Jack's BBQ and many, many others; however, I would like to give a specific shout-out today to Grumpy's Low Country Fish Camp. Not only do they offer up killer seafood at good prices with great folks working there, but they also do something else I think a lot of. There's a certain eccentric that is an integral part of our community. He does some work for one of our well-known and wealthy citizens. This fella is pretty special, and one can say that maybe he isn't quite all there. A lot of folks will know who I'm talking about. Well, as fate would have it, he's a big, big fan of Grumpy's as well and usually eats supper with them 4 or 5 times a week. Now this guy's a talker, and if you don't know him, you would obviously think he was a little different. But the folks there at Grumpy's are really great to him. And hell - he's a good customer! Well done, Grumpy's. We're going to be seeing a lot more of you guys. We love it! 

Miscellany & What-not 

That's all, folks! Till next time.