03 October 2016

[tpc] - Newton Co. BOC meets Tuesday evening, October the 4th

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(North Covington * 10.2.16) - It's the first Tuesday of the month so that means the continuing train wreck that is the Newton County Board of Commissioners has another installment of "How Can We Embarrass Ourselves Even More While Possibly Destroying Our Home County?" It's quite the event!

We're hearing that this will be a very important meeting. Several different folks have put different calls to action for folks to attend this meeting for various reasons. One, from our good pal and friend-of-the-program Fred Wheeler, founder of Patriots' Table: 

   "Hi. This Tuesday (10/4) the BOC will have a joint work session with the Water Authority at 6:00PM and its regular meeting at 7:00PM. John Douglas will introduce a measure to incorporate regulations that Bibb County has in place concerning burial sites.

   These measures are very reasonable and will bring our codes up to date with what is happening in the twenty-first century. Bibb County has one and half times our population and their rules make sense (see attached). They go a long way to protect the surrounding watershed of a cemetery and provide for preserving remains so that subsequent disinterment can be performed if necessary. The only reason someone might vote against them is that they are too proud to accept another county's work.

   It is very important that you attend this meeting. Please notify your friends.

   Also, John will propose that citizen comments be at the BEGINNING of the meeting. That will allow people to address the BOC BEFORE the vote. We need people who are on wells to express concern.


Also, since this was an election year and two of the incumbents (District 1 & 5) are not returning, then that means this edition of the Board has only three months of existence left. Look for attempts to seal legacies, but also be on the lookout for some to try to possibly get things slid through as the next edition of this group is shaping up to be a strong one, who will not be peddling in influence or favors, and who may very well be the BOC that the home county has been longing for. Hey, a boy can dream, right?

But seriously, try to get to some of these BOC meetings. We need all hands on deck.

Thanks for reading, folks. 'Til next time...

-M.B. McCart