25 October 2016

[tpc] - Recap - Newton Co. GOP Meeting Down in the Lovely Mill Village of Porterdale

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( 25 October '16) ~ 

The Newton County Republican Party (NCRP) met last night at The Speakeasy (The Company Store) in downtown Porterdale, GA last night & it was quite the event. Over 40 persons attended this Constitutional right of Assembly and it was truly a fine night and a good time was had by all. 

An action-packed agenda & program saw the following featured speakers: 

- Aaron Varner, candidate for Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Newton Co. 
- Tommy Davis. Newton Co.'s Coroner 
- Victor Armendariz, candidate for US Congress - District 4 
- JaNice Van Ness, State Senator 
- Alex Johnson, GOP Liberty activist and attorney from Atlanta 
- The coordinator of the Trump for Newton Co. grassroots group 
- Jacob Mast with Community in Unity 
As I said, it was action-packed. 

On to the bullet points! 

  • Pretty much the entire evening, I continually marveled at how great of a meeting this was! For one thing - it was at a bar, and not just any bar. The Speakeasy is basically the coolest and most esoteric spot in the home county. It's a very special place. 
  • Tommy Davis really hit it out of the park. He gave - in equal parts - 1) a very good stump speech; and 2) he gave a very concise explanation & encapsulation of what, really, the Coroner does. He mentioned his several years of experience as Coroner, and previously, as Deputy Coroner, and his many years as a Funeral Home worker, and later, owner. He stressed the point of how this is a position where we don't want on the job training. He also, as many folks were glad of, really got after his opponent. As many of us have heard, she's really been talking a lot of smack about Tommy. He was rather gracious about it -  I sure as hell wouldn't have been - but in a logical and even keel manner, he basically eviscerated her campaign theme that he has an inherent conflict of interest as a funeral director. Hogwash. Most coroners work in the death business - it makes sense. And as many know, Tommy's as honest as the day is long. I've worked with him for years as I, too, work a very-part-time side project in that business on the cemetery side. Tommy's just a heck of a guy. And his staff and especially his Deputy Coroners are all top notch. Finally, Tommy always comes in on his budget, and that's a very small budget that they work with (dedicated write-up on this race coming up soon at TPC). 
  • Victor Armendariz. This man going against all the odds as the GOP candidate in the Dem-heavy US 4th had a great reputation coming in and only solidified that. He was easily one of the more dynamic, energetic and passionate candidates for public office I've ever seen. And brother, he was laying down pure nuggets of truth and wisdom like he was just ringing a bell! If the GOP establishments at the state & federal level weren't such weak-sauce scaredy cats and some money and resources were put into this thing, then you may have seen something special and amazing happen in the race. As it is, Victor, I believe, will blow away the previous GOP numbers for this race in the past (dedicated write-up on this race coming up soon at TPC). 
  • Alex Johnson is a helluva guy! He really is. Brilliant, passionate, and with an understanding of "Real Politick" as good as anyone. Alex is a true advocate for Freedom, Liberty, Justice & Equity. He sees what needs to be done with our governments, institutions, and political parties, and lays out a plan and a path to do what needs to be done to fix these entities. He is also, very much so, a "company man," as it relates to supporting the GOP  Standard Bearer, and laid out a pretty compelling case to support Trump because he is not controlled by the establishment or power elite. That he does represent "real change." 
  • JaNice Van Ness is a remarkable women! I just love her! I hope the folks in SD 43 understand that they've got a wonderful representative in the Gold Dome's upper chamber and don't just vote on race and party affiliation. 
  • Jacob Mast with Community in Unity spoke about the event coming up this Saturday at Legion Field. This is going to be an amazing thing! 
And per usual, the running of the meeting was great. The NCRP Chair, Ray Cowan, did his usual outstanding job as did VC Scott Jay and the rest of the executive board. The Speakeasy was awesome as always. Truly just a fine night.

'Til next time!