16 October 2016

[TPC] - Sunday Evening Check-in: Everything is Terrible Edition

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Greetings, Fearless Readers, it's so good to be back with you here on the digital pages of The Piedmont Chronicles. What a week, huh? It was a real stinker, no? Where to begin? Lord help us, where does it all end?! Well, fear not, good folks, we always seem to work our way through it no matter how dark and bleak it may look.

National Level

So...the Wikileaks email dumps for the past week. With scant a mention from the main stream whores media. The analogy we've used before is this - if the old model was the Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags, then the day would come when as "the ride" was going up in flames, there would be - and too bad for them - a group of dullards who didn't read the tea leaves and decided to play the game only to find themselves riding that aforementioned ride as it was going up in flames and crumbling to the ground. Well, I think we're pretty much there. We're seeing it all levels - Federal, State, County, and Municipal - and...hell, you buy the ticket and you take the ride, don't you?

So, vis-a-vis Hillary, everything is true. She's a corrupt, evil bitch, and my name is Capt. Obvious. She sold out her own country for money. It's a fact. It's proven. But Trump, though, right?! People are now openly saying that they know she is evil incarnate, but they HAVE to support her because...well, because of Trump. Jesus! Seriously, I'm calling out for Jesus. Come back now! Bring the rapture, or whatever the hell is supposed to happen, because things are just too damn much at this point.

The real juicy one was Podesta talking about "wet works," code for assassination, by the pool and vineyard. Damn if I don't think they killed Scalia. I think it's pretty much a given at this point. They probably justified it per "social justice," or "ends justifies the means," or something similar. And damned if I don't think a lot of folks who are supporting her would give her a pass on it. "He was archaic. He needed to die," they'd say. They'd totally be cool with it. Again, Jesus take the wheel and all...

And on the other side, we've got the biggest buffoon that's probably ever lived, Trump, and now we know he's rather rapey and creepy. There again, you could have total and absolute proof that he'd had illegal carnal knowledge of some of the underage Ms. Teen Universe gals, and many of his supporters would probably say something like this: "Well...that's really bad, but we just can't let Hillary get it!"

Most people, as a rule, are dumber than buckets of warm spit, or, bags of hammers. Take your pick. Just know this - they're f'in' tardy tards. They suck, and they are the reason why those of us on the upper echelon can't have nice things. How long do we abide by them? Perhaps they are as much the problem as the political whores and agents of dark and evil. Doesn't there come a time when we have to classify them as much a problem as the rest of them? Thoughts?


For anyone interested, we can save our country right now. You can vote for Gary Johnson as President. It's really quite simple.

State Level

Gov. Nathan Deal is, in our estimation, preparing for his own end-game. So he's "promoted" Sam Olens to president of KSU and is going to try to bring in his own ringer, Carr, to take over as state AG. Well, Mr. Governor, it's in violation of the Georgia Constitution, not that that has ever stopped you before. Who's going to stand up to you? The State Troopers? The Georgia Militia (Civil Defense Force)? Anyone else? You're your own Obama, aren't you? Just another sell-out to the old model.



For Chair of the Board, we're having to decide between Aaron Varner and Marcello Banes.

Life's a bitch.

And UGA lost to Vandy. The Falcons lost, and Tech won.

Just damn!

'Til next time!