27 April 2017

Thursday Quick Bite - C-town, Booze, Open Container et al

~ TPC ~

Hey You! You look really good today...I like what you've done with your hair...


Where to start?

Yes, Mr. Mayor got a ticket for open container a while back. I still get a kick out of the thought of that fella, dressed up in his suit after a council meeting, hittin' the store right quick to get him a nice, frosty cold unit. "Council meetings are stressful, man! Let me crack a cool Budweiser on the way to the house!" Hell yeah! Now that's my kind of man, man!

He either didn't see or didn't care that a State Trooper was parked and looking at him the entire time. Blissful ignorance and all. Plus, Ronnie seems to lead a charmed life. Like one of those guys that's always going to fall upwards, landing nicely almost every time. He's different; he's kind of special if you ask me.

For me, I was raised that it was a rite of passage into manhood to - very sporadically & really only in special occasions - to violate that arbitrary, asinine, and stupid rule of subjugation that is a holdover from Prohibition. The "Temperance Movement," folks. They're still out there, you know. And a bunch of 'em are apparently on the book of faces. Some of those faces are very ugly...

The Square Getting Too Boozy?
So, and the timing is something else, we've got Chris Smith who thinks that there is "enough alcohol on the square" these days. What? Can you ever have enough? Is there too much of a good thing? Well, sure. It's all about moderation. It's also all about Freedom & Liberty, can I get an Amen? And folks, this is getting beyond ridiculous. For all you folks who basically love to be dominated and told what to do - uh...weird. But fine. We get it. It's a free country.

However, for those of us who aren't, we're starting to lose our patience with the dullards. But more so that patience is wearing thin with the political opportunists who would use those base and vulgar mob dynamics for their own benefit. And don't mind us. We're just the folks that pay all the bills and taxes and keep the engine humming. Your downtown business owners ( with a few exceptions, a lot of folks just like to have something to bitch about) etc & et al


- Chris Smith said he had nothing to do with the getting the word out about Mr. Mayor's ticket. If so, and I think he's on the level here, then him and Sam Hay have the same source. Wonder who it is?

- And asked if he thinks the Mayor should resign - "No! Definitely not," said Mr. Smith. Well, that's all fine.

So...nothing to see here, right?

Thanks for reading, guys. Take Care & take care of each other...

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