02 May 2021

A Retraction From TPC in re Ronnie Cowan & Supplemental Funding for Coroner's Office

By: MB McCart  

It doesn't happen too often at all, but I am publishing a retraction/correction from our piece from last week - A Moment From MB: Politics in the Home County -- What a Pisser!

In that piece I wrote the following: 

What wasn't expected though was that Ronnie Cowan (BOC 5) would actually vote to approve her request for another $50K in supplemental funding (just two months after getting that same amount). 

Well, I was wrong about that. 

While I knew they discussed & voted on an amount of $50K at their Jan. 19 regular meeting (and let's not forget that Ronnie WAS key to that as Madam Coroner was originally asking for only approx $8K, but...that's another thing entirely); however, apparently, they had to do another vote to actually move the money from the Capital Fund to the Coroner's budget which is was they did at their 2nd March regular meeting. 

So there was just the one $50K transfer of funds, not the two I referenced in the aforementioned piece. 

TPC regrets this error.