30 July 2021

Perrin Lovett: Homeschool Or Hoax

 If I had to guess, and this is just a guess, well-reasoned but inexact, then I’d say that only around .01% of US government schools are worth not burning down. It’s probably 1% of US private schools. Almost all of them are anti-education, anti-human, anti-freedom, anti-civilization, anti-Western, anti-White, and anti-Christian.* Almost all of them are run, directly or indirectly, by feminists, homosexuals, communists, and other globalist satanic trash. They are worse, much worse than useless. They are utterly destructive and evil, being far beyond reform. 

So it is that I take this opportunity to thank, in a very narrow context, the Fauci-Gates-DARPA-DOD-CIA-SIS-Mossad-CCP axis of darkest evil for the Sars-HIV-mRNA “Coronavirus” hoax pandemic, war, and war crimes. You are, all of you, bound for hell, but the public did derive one benefit from your malevolence. I’m sure it was unintentional, but you bastards managed to do something novel in all the ruinous history of post-modern society – you closed the damned schools! 

I wrote about this same subject, with some statistics and then-current news, over a year ago: The Coronavirus Hysteria May Be The Best Thing That Ever Happened To The Schools. That was and is a great one – please read or reread it, now. I closed by admonishing intelligent, decent people to build something better. Guess what? 

They did!

The associated presstitutes reported a Census finding that the prevalence of homeschooling (aka, education) increased from 5.4% of US households in the spring of 2020 to 11% for the 2020-2021 school year. That means that somewhere around 6 million American and USian children had the chance to learn last year. That’s more children than attended private schools and about an eighth of the number of children tortured in the government’s concentration camps. Hooray!

The results varied by region and by demographics though all generally moved in the right direction. Over a quarter of Alaskan kids learned last year along with almost a fifth in Florida. Some areas with the absolute worst “schools,” like Detroit, saw a huge jump in education. Blacks leaped from a dismal 3.3% rate of education to 16.1%, the largest increase by race. The new rates for Hispanics, Asians, and Whites are, respectively: 12.1%, 8.8%, and 9.7%. While a majority of American and USian children are still locking into the devil’s system of idiocy and slavery, this improvement is monumental.

Let’s hope and pray it not only lasts but expands. Because of the hoax, the “schools,” government and private, simply abandoned the people. Accordingly, for once in a century or so, many of the people took a good look around and then took independent action. The POW camps masquerading as academies will continue their stupidity and wickedness – just read a newspaper wherever you live. The great hope is that the people will continue their newfound trend of intelligence and responsibility. 

Much of last year’s gains may turn out to be transient, with less-than-dedicated parents allowing their offspring back into the system, lured and lulled by a variety of promises, lies, and threats. However, many will stay out, stay in the books, so to speak, and stay ahead of the curve. This bodes very well for the continuance of civilized society regardless of what happens to the remains of the United States this decade and beyond. All the people, not just the rescued children, stand to benefit.

For parents struggling with a sense of not knowing what they’re doing and wondering whether they’re doing the right thing, I say this: anything (or even nothing) is better than the alternative and there really is no way to mess up home education. As I’ve written before, all students learn differently and possess different levels of ability. Some go farther. Some move faster. Some find it easier. Let the natural course of learning unfold as it does, driven in large part by the interests of the subject child and with as-needed adult guidance. There’s a program for just about everyone and all of them are radically better and less expensive than what the luciferians offer in their prisons.

For the evil-mongers fretting about how to deal with this rebellion, I say this: Go to hell. We know you’re worried. You should be because you created a disaster and now, at long last, even ordinary people are noticing it. We know you’re eventually going to use your government violence in an attempt to ridicule, diminish, or ban legitimate education. We know you would happily have everyone else suffer, struggle, and fail. Know too that we’re ready for you, we’re going to fight you, and we’re going to beat you. Badly. In fact, your time is already running short. Tick, tick, tick…

Good people, let’s keep this great movement going steady! Thank you to all the wise parents out there. Congratulations to all the happy, learned children. Three cheers for knowledge, wisdom, and cultural refinement.

*Over the past few years, I have noticed a distinct collapse among many private schools, some costing around $50,000 per year. They are “going woke.” That, of course, means they are headed the same way as the government’s camps, except they cost more (generally, the pricier the school, the worse the problems). 

- Perrin Lovett